How to Request Your Pageant Scores

Lisa Opie, Miss Nationwide 2014, crowns Katie Cole, Miss Nationwide 2015, at the first live Miss Nationwide Pageant in Houston June 14th, 2015.  Photo Courtesy of Miss Nationwide, LLC.

  We’ve all heard it, “different day, different judges, different queen.”  We know pageants are subjective.  We’re constantly asked why we would parade around on stage and allow someone to judge us and give us a score.  But let’s be honest, people judge us every day, just in pageants we’re giving you permission to do


Top 25 Pageant Interview Questions of 2014


The following interview questions that you are about to read were taken from the data of our famous “Question of the Day” articles that are posted daily at 4pm EST, asking titleholders what questions they were asked immediately following their pageant interview and talking with pageant judges ranging from the Miss America panel to local Fairs and Festivals pageants. These


Miss Spirit of Arkansas Outstanding Teen 2015 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?


Taryn Bewley Miss Spirit of Arkansas Outstanding Teen 2015 Evening Gown Taryn Bewley came, saw and conquered at the Miss Arkansas’ Outstanding Teen Pageant winning numerous preliminary and newcomer awards.  I am beyond impressed at her poise as a newcomer and know we can expect great things from this young woman. The Color There’s a