How to Manage Pageant People Who Drain Your Energy

Mallory Hytes Hagan

Energy vampires…. They exist everywhere and sometimes, it’s someone you least expect. An energy vampire borrows, steals or sucks your positivity right from under your nose. This person can be a close family member, a neighbor, a sibling, a friend, a naysayer, a boyfriend and honestly a complete stranger. Energy vampires do not discriminate. Have an


How a Mrs Pageant Contestant Should Dress for a Pageant

Mrs. International 2014 in a perfect example of a suit for this occasion.

Mrs. pageant contestants are basically “Wonder Women.” They have many aspects of their lives to balance: being a loving wife and (for some) a mother, professional career, creating and maintaining a prosperous home life and not to mention the dedication to staying fit. Wardrobe for a Mrs. pageant contestant can be challenging since this division


Miss Unite 2015 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS

miss tennessee

Miss Unite 2015 Evening Gown Miss Unite, Mariel Lane, wore a beautiful blue gown to compete for Miss Tennessee USA. She did something SO unique with her presentation that I was instantly intrigued. Mariel wore a royal blue, jersey gown with fully beaded long fitted sleeves. The clear and blue beading also outlined shallow sweetheart neckline.