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5 Best Monologues for Pageant Talent

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Performing a monologue

Picking the right monologue can be a bit stressful. You never know what you choose from! Here are the 5 best monologues in my opinion in no particular order. These monologues ranges from dramatic to comedic and can start you on the road to acting.

1. Juliet’s Monologue

“Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo?” This is a famous monologue that has been used for many years. With its dramatic and romantic touch, this monologue could win the hearts of your judges in no time. This is a timeless piece that will never get old. There are many monologues in this play that a pageant girl could use, too. But this one is my all time favorite for being so original and heart warming. Two lovers, destined to never be together go to outrageous lengths to be together.

2. Onion Rolls

Funny Girl was one of the best movies Barbra Streisand has ever starred in. Her “onion rolls” monologue won the spot here in the 5 best monologues because it is a comedic monologue that always leaves the judges in stitches. In this movie Fanny Price is trying to become a big star but has to win the hearts of the producers first, so she does everything she can to convince them. This whole musical has numerous monologues that could be your key to success; but Onion Rolls is always one to keep me rolling.

3. Dory’s Monologue

Finding Nemo is a movie any child and adult know of in this era. Whether they have actually seen it or not, most people know what this movie is. In one part of the movie, Dory is about to be left alone, again. She is begging for mercy and tries to show how with Nemo’s father, she starts to remember things more. Without him, she is her normal self who forgets everything and who people are. This monologue is dramatic, and although it is a little shorter, taking longer dramatic pauses could bring a few tears to the judges.

4. The Kiss Monologue

Never Been Kissed is a hit movie starring Drew Barrymore who comes back to high school undercover to write a story. The monologue is how she describes what “The Kiss” really is. How a kiss is the most beautiful thing ever known to man; it is simple but because of it’s simplicity, it makes anyone feel so loved. This monologue is heart warming, and although it is a little on the shorter side, you can always take longer pauses to add more effect.

5. Your Monologue

When in doubt, write your own. You create the character you’ve always wanted to be and portray something you’ve always dreamed of. I’ve been to many pageants where girls have written their own monologue to perform and have done wonderful. But don’t make your monologue something timid and shy, go all out and sell the character. You must give full force and prove to the judges that you can write, and act, with all your might.

Monologues can help you express yourself. These five monologues can help you win the title of your dreams, as long as you work hard and practice. If you need tips on how to improve your monologue, read my article 5 Tips to Improve Your Pageant Monologue to help you with the little things that can make a big difference. Remember to be confident, you are a pageant girl and picking monologue may seem difficult but look at it as a beginning to the start of your success. You can take this monologue and perform sheepishly, or you can take it to the next level.

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  1. This will be my first pageant, Miss South Florida Fair and would like some guidance.

    1. Hi Christine,

      We would love to help. I would recommend signing up for our free pageant prep course (located under Freebies in the menu). Through this prep course we will guide you when/how to train for all phases of your pageant.

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