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Best Pageant Hairstyles for 2013

The planet has seen a variety of pageant hairstyles over the years. From bold bobs to plucky perms, hairdos have come and gone over the years. So now that it’s rolling into the 2013 fashion season, it’s time to bring in the new hairstyles of 2013. Here are three trends to be looking for!

Flowy Pageant Hairstyles

Following the celebrity styles of Amanda Seyfried and Rima Fakih, long locks will always be a trend. Simple, smooth spiral curls are the way to go. This is a beautiful, subtle look that will forever remain classy. The small amount of curl at the end gives a nice touch to your hair, without it overpowering your entire look. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is always a fan of this look, as it compliments every girl. Whether you have side swept bangs or a center part, this look is ‘an oldie, but goodie.’ Class is always appreciated by a judge. Just be sure that your pageant curls don’t intertwine together too much, or that your hair isn’t frizzy. Tame those curls and you’ll turn heads.

rima fakih,pageant hairstyles,miss usa,  Amanda Seyfried,hair trend

 Pageant Sock Bun Hairstyles

sock bun,updo,pageant,miss world On trend that has been all over the runway and the red carpet is the beloved sock bun. It’s an easy look to create and can make any look classy. Just be sure to have a sleek look. Messy buns are great, but not for pageantry. ‘Fly-away’ strands of hair get caught by stage lights and do not look good. Another aspect of the bun is that it can be worn numerous ways—high, low, to the side, or with jeweled bobby pins for an extra sparkled touch.

The sock bun is one of my favorite current looks, and I can guarantee pulled back hair will be hitting the stage this year. After all, Mallory Hagan Miss American 2013 had a sleek ponytail and won. Sleek and sophisticated is in, ladies! sock bun,updo,pageant

 Ombre Hairstyles for Pageantry

One final look that will probably be stepping into the pageant scene is ‘ombre’ hair. Ombre is a hair color style that fades from dark color to a light color at the ends of the hair. (‘Ombre’ is the French word for fading.) Many celebs are picking up this trend, and if done subtly (no crazy and outlandish colors here, people!) it can really set you apart from the rest. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Miss USA contestant donning this style—so long as it fits their personality and that the look is still relatively natural looking. Lea Michele pulls off this look flawlessly. I personally think it is a good way to be fashion forward without doing anything super drastic. If you color it this way and realize it isn’t for you, it is relatively easy to color it back. Keep in mind, the colors should be within a few shades from each other. Going from dark black to bleach blonde is not stylish.

Lea Michele,ombre,hairstyle,pageantombre hairstyle,miss usa,miss universe

Buns, flow and amazing color are topping the trend charts for 2013.

But, fashion trends are always on the rise, and it’s early in the year. What are some styles you’re looking forward to see?

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