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Best Pageant Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Miss Iowa 2012 competing in swimsuit at Miss America

Pageant girls have all different types of bodies and you have to work with what you were given.  We all look at Miss USA and Miss America contestants and idolize them with their perfect swimsuit bodies, but when you look closely, they all have different body types and just know the perfect swimsuit to wear to look amazing.  Here are some ideas for what you can do to make sure you have the most perfect swimsuit for your next pageant.

Need some oomph?

If you have a small bust, go for eye- catching details on the top to give the illusion of a fuller chest.  Think something with a ruffle, a creative cut out, or runching near the bust line.  If these don’t give you enough of the boost you are looking for, try anything that is a push up.  Some push up swimsuits can make you look up to two cup sizes bigger than you actually are.

How do you hide your belly?

Maybe you’ve just started pageants and haven’t had the time to get swimsuit ready yet.  That’s ok!  There are swimsuits that can still make you look sexy while hiding your belly.  Choose a sleek one-piece with body slimming control to help flatten your stomach.  The most flattering style is a suit with a deep V-neck which will draw attention to your top half.  You can also look for waist-whittling details like a diagonal wrap design.   A print is also another good option and can provide instant tummy camouflage.

Need some support?

If you’re a little top heavy, make sure to get a bikini with a supportive built-in bra.  Look for styles with underwire or soft molded cups with structured sides.  These types also usually have more coverage.  Halters may put too much pressure on your neck and not be able to support the girls, so choose a style with a crisscross or regular bra straps.  The back strap should have sturdy elastic to make sure it has a snug fit as well.  You need to make sure there is no spillage over the top or from the sides, so be sure to check a mirror in this one.

Not comfortable in a bikini yet?

No matter how you look, sometimes you just aren’t comfortable being in a bikini onstage and that’s fine.  There are so many different types of one piece swimsuits out there, as they are becoming more stylish.  There are many different options whether you decide on a solid or print, and what kind of neckline.  To make the one piece more sexy choose a lower neckline and higher cut sides on this one piece suit and jazz it up with an amazing pair of pageant swimsuit earrings.

Choosing a swimsuit for your body type is crucial.  The suit needs to flatter your body and the judges need to think you are smokin’ in your swimsuit.  I hope that all of these different options help and you’re ready to rock the stage at your next pageant in the correct type of swimsuit.   Comment below and tell me what your competition swimsuit looks like!

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4 thoughts on “Best Pageant Swimsuit for Your Body Type

  1. This is so important. You really can have a GREAT swimsuit body that doesn't look great because of the wrong cut. Nice job Allison!

  2. Agreed! With the latest fashion trends that are coming back in style, there are tons of options that can get you looking fab without appearing as though you are trying to hide something! Love this article!

  3. I won the swimsuit award at the Mrs. Connecticut America pageant. My advice is to wear a dark color that pops on stage (I wore blue). I'm a petite so I wore a royal blue two piece with bronze hardware on the straps and hip. My exercises were Cathes Butts and Guts, Body Sculpt, Beach Body , Pilates and 20 minutes of running on the treadmill three times a week. My meals consisted of complex carbs and protein, with plenty of vegetables. Fish with brown rice and spinach salad with strawberries was one of my meals. Eat healthy and never go hungry. Don't lose too much weight, just get toned up the best that you can. And avoid the carbonated sodas they put out for you the day of the competition. Also stay clear of starchy foods that day as they will make you bloat. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables with your protein source. If you're vegetarian lentils are good source of protein and a complex carb. Oatmeal is good too for a slow burner food to push you through you workouts. Allow yourself one cheat meal a week. Only one. Pick the one item that you absolutely love to eat. Go out to eat it so there are no leftovers. And above all, strut your stuff with confidence on that stage! That's what the judges are looking for: a woman comfortable in her own skin. If you believe in yourself, you are a winner. Everyone who competes is a winner just for having the guts to do it. I learned a lot as a first timer that can be applied to all areas of my life. Best wishes to all of you who are competing this year!

  4. Okay, let me add a new level of challenge. What about best swimsuit for the athletic but still dramatically curvaceous girls? Like those with an old-Hollywood type hourglass figure, but whose skeletal structure alone is a double-digit size?

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