How to Choose a Fragrance That’s Perfect for You

Allie Dunn, Miss North Carolina USA 2016 - Photo: Jonathan Carter

Take one look at the slew of Hollywood starlets gracing the red carpets and it will seem like every woman worth her while has a signature fragrance that she created and practically bathes in every evening. From Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds to Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, celebrities are constantly outdoing each other with fragrances. The sad


How to Style Glitz Pageant Hair


Beauty, scholarship, and natural pageants all focus on a contestant’s appearance and overall poise. However, glitz pageants are easily the most dazzling of them all. In a glitz pageant, a contestant’s every detail must exude perfect glamour and pizzazz all around. Regardless of your age, if you’ll be competing on a glitz pageant stage, prepare


Best Drugstore Dupes for High-End Products

Katie Schaaf, IJM Miss Arizona Jr. Teen 2016

Holy grails, cult favorites, or deserted island must-haves – no matter what you call them, every girl has a list of products that she just can’t live without. From pageant girls to flashy Youtubers, there are just certain products every girl lusts after. These incredible products are celebrated for being effective, high-end, and covet-worthy. (Think: