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Miss America 2013

Here are the onstage questions asked this year at the Miss America 2014 pageant and that you may see again during your pageant interview. In addition I’ve provided the 120 character Tweet review that founder Steven Roddy sent out after hearing each contestant’s answer.

Please note that I’ve paraphrased the pageant questions in order to get the gist of the question as quickly as possible…

Miss Oklahoma:

…do you think Miley Cyrus’s twerking was artistic or not?

Tweet Review: Miss Oklahoma made a joke.. and it was funny. Showed her personality but she wasn’t confident in her opinion.

Miss Minnesota:

…are these women carrying “stand by your man” too far? (In light of the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal)

Tweet Review:

Minnesota attacked the mic and was VERY confident. A model of how girls should answer onstage questions.

Miss California:

…is it our (United States of America’s) responsibility to step in and help Syria during their current crisis?

Tweet Review: Miss California’s face looked distorted as she spoke almost like she was searching for answers that she hoped would come.

Miss New York: Our Miss America 2014

…what message does plastic surgery send to young women?

Tweet Review: Miss New York is a girl I WISHED lived next door. Great answer. Solid opinion and she should take the crown.

Miss Florida:

…what should our nation do regarding the disproportione high rates of unemployment and lower economic standing for minorities?

Tweet Review: Miss Florida’s story had GREAT¬†relatability but went over her time and didn’t finish her answer. Short and sweet ladies.

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    I disagree with the assessment of Miss Florida. She didn't answer the question. She could have used her unemployed father as a great, relatable story, but instead, made that her answer…which she didn't complete. Girls, you've got to get to the answer THEN use your story.

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