Miss Cote D’Ivoire World 2013 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

miss cote divoire,world,evening gown

Miss Cote D'Ivoire World 2013

miss cote divoire,world,evening gown,2013

Miss Cote D’Ivoire World

Miss Cote D’Ivoire World wore a royal blue gown, with a simple neckline and strapless.  The gown was fully sequined, with colors fading from a royal blue, into silver, then into gold, then light blue and then back into royal, which continued all the way down the evening gown.

Honestly, I think it was a little much.  It was very distracting trying to figure out the sequence of the colors.  I also have a sequin phobia because they often make the dress look cheap and more like a prom dress instead of a pageant gown.  The contestant was absolutely stunning, it was just hard to admire her beauty when focusing on all of the different colors in the gown.  This one is a MISS for me.

What do you think? Was Miss Cote D’Ivoire World’s evening gown a HIT or MISS?

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