Miss Georgia 2013 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?


I am in awe of Carly Mathis’s winning look at Miss Georgia 2013!  She looked like an absolute angel.  Carly went with a white jersey gown that was so elegant, but not completely simple.  Carly’s dress was a one-shouldered gown with one long sleeve.  The long sleeve had a rhinestone cuff, to match the rhinestones on one side of the midsection and along the neckline of the dress.  It had no plunging neckline or high leg slit, which I think was a great idea for competing in a Miss America state pageant as they go for a more classy look.  This girl has the right idea, and is going to look fabulous at Miss America!!  Huge HIT!!!


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What do you think?  Was Miss Georgia 2013’s dress a HIT or MISS?

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