Miss Wisconsin USA 2005 Fighting For Her Life

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Melissa winning the Miss Congeniality Award

Melissa Young, Miss Wisconsin USA 2005, won the hearts of the contestants at the Miss USA pageant in 2005 when she was awarded miss congeniality. Young is no longer fighting for a crown, but rather her own life.

“My illness was caused by a doctors medical negligence. The Mayo Clinic probably said it best, calling it ‘dust swept under the rug, preventable, careless, and a total disregard for human life by a medical professional.’ Young said.

Herself and her husband were expecting their first and only child.

Illness Strikes Miss Wisconsin USA 2005

“We were over the moon,” she said. “During my pregnancy I became very ill. I couldn’t stand without passing out. Just lifting my head was too much. I begged my doctor to help me over and over. My husband would carry me into his office. I was begging him saying I’d sleep there on his floor til he helped me. I told him over and over again for months that I think I’m dying. His response was ‘ it’s your first pregnancy you look great.’ He failed to hear me or even run simple blood work. 3 weeks before my due date I passed out trying to get to the phone. My husband found me & called 911. At the hospital they induced my labor.”

Blood tests had shown her liver and kidneys had shut down. Because of the prolonged suffering and trauma Young went into complete autonomic failure. The autonomic nervous system is the part of the brain that controls heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, digestion and most vital organs.

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“Mine shut off like a light switch and there is no way for doctors to manipulate that part of the brain to tell it how to work again. My heart is really struggling. After a number of unsuccessful heart procedures and no chance at getting a new heart because the message is coming from my brain. My heart is now in the condition of an 88 year old woman,” she said.

Be Brave for Jack

A friend she had made while competing in the pageant alongside of her, Chelsea Cooley Altman, who happened to win the title of Miss USA 2005, started a fund for her son Jack. This fund is known as the Be Brave for Jack fund.

Altman says, as a parent, there are a lot of struggles and worries that we consume ourselves with. Melissa is enduring more than I can ever imagine. We often worry about our children’s future. Please help me ease this stress for Melissa, as we strive to fund a college scholarship for Jack. Like Melissa, we can Be Brave for Jack.

If you wish to help contribute you can do so by heading to https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/be-brave-for-jack and making a donation. A goal of $10,000 is almost accomplished.

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  1. 1

    I will continue to Pray the Lord Heal You with His Healing Powers completely & Bless You & Your sweet Son with a Long Healthy Life together & able to enjoy a wonderful Christian Life, in Jesus Name, amen!

    • 2
      • 3
        • 4
          • 5

            It was not a good question since it was asked in poor taste. The concern and love that’s conveyed for another human being who’s struggling should be respected. An assault on faith and religion is completely unnecessary.

          • 6


            Respectfully to you, I submit this suggestion. Read the book, “Proof of Heaven” by neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander. It is an irrefutable scientific (no mumbo jumbo spiritual stuff) story of his death for several hours, his visit to Heaven, and his return to life. He demonstrates logically and medically the effectiveness of prayer. No games, just straight talk !

  2. 7

    I am skeptical about this… She has been receiving SSD since 2005 (no job), and received over 43,000 in donations since then. What is the actual NAME of her condition or disease? There has to be a clinical diagnosis. Also, if her kidneys and liver shut down, how come ten years later she looks very healthy at Trumps rally?

    The thing that has me suspicious about this story is how fake her “emotional, borderline crying” voice sounded at the Trump rally… I just don’t buy it.

    She should be thoroughly investigated.

    • 8

      and what if it isn’t? and she’s actually going through this? How dare you belittle someone, im guessing over your hatred for Donald Trump, Im suspicious of YOUR actual point here, Trump hater or just plain rude and heartless jerk?? Ill go for the latter….

      • 9
        • 10

          What I see is her lying in a hospital bed, but still no good explanation of what exactly is wrong with her or if it’s anything other than psychosomatic. As she stated elsewhere, she’s not eligible for transplants because there’s nothing actually wrong with her organs – as she described it, her “brain” isn’t functioning as it should, which is somehow affecting her organ function. But there has been no real explanation from her or anyone else as to what, exactly, is going wrong with her, whether it was related to the pregnancy, what her actual condition and prognosis are, whether what she has is in fact fatal despite her constant claim that she is “fighting for her life.” These are valid questions.

          Moreover, I find it rather off-putting that she is tearfully telling Trump that he “saved her life” (hyperbole much, lady?) by throwing her a few thousand dollars during a pageant because she happened to be born beautiful. She has said that being named “Miss Congeniality” was the “greatest honor” of her life… that is not a person who is striving for lofty goals.

          I would hope that she and others would strive for far, far more for women and girls, I would argue, this does NOTHING to negate Trump’s negative treatment and behavior regarding women. Quite the contrary; it only emphasizes it further. Tossing some beautiful women a bone because he runs a beauty pageant does not a noble man make, no matter how tearfully a sick contestant likes to claim that he “saved her life” because she has scholarship money for her son now (where, by the way, does she make THAT connection? because it doesn’t follow…)

          • 11

            I am a bit confused to being a medical professional. I love Donald Trump and I am voting for him, but I don’t know whats going on with this woman, and he was clearly confused also.
            DONT HATE ME…Its a legit question.

    • 12

      it will be so funny when donald trump wins the republican nomination and ultimately the general election and gets in the white house. The best part of this, is that there is nothing anyone can do about it

      Nothing :)

    • 13

      you are one sick twisted person. This women has been sick with this rare illness for a few years , Do your research before spouting off your ignorance , This women is Dying and leaving her son and you wanna question her ? I pray her family doesn’t see this stupidity . God bless her

    • 15

      You are truly a gorilla! Do your own investigation….the rest of us know she is telling the truth. What DONALD did for her son is so generous. He is a disgusting person. As for Melissa, she looked I’ll at the Trump rally. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    • 16

      Don’t be so quick to rush to judgment. I, too, had a very problematic pregnancy that resulted in serious medical issues for years after. I learned that not everything can be easily diagnosed and medical science does not have all the answers or cures.

    • 17

      What a ass. I bet “Karma” is going go follow you and hold you accountable for your hatred and ignorance. Why would this woman claim an incurable illness when with social media her illness would and will be confirmed. You obviously have a deep seeded hatred towards “WHO” ?? Trump? I think your hatred goes further then that I believe that you are pathetic and your hatred is swallowing you up, soon there be nothing left but an empty shell of darkness.

    • 18

      I have a young friend who is also suffering from this condition which came during her pregnancy. It is call POTS
      Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It is a horrible disorder.

      • 19

        That is NOT what she has been describing. POTS is a relatively common disorder affecting up to 3 million people and is basically a heart arrythmia that happens upon standing. It’s not really life threatening and is not related to kidney and liver function. POTS is also very likely to improve or even go away over time for people who develop it.

    • 20

      As her dear friend who has held her while she has passed out from her condition…who has held her sweet hand as she gasps for air, I am saddened that anyone would consider her condition “suspicious” . She has a Do Not Resuscitate order from the State of Wisconsin. Those are hard to come by, might I add, and one has to thoroughly “investigate” the medical reasoning behind that order before granting it. Her condition is unique in that her outward appearance is still just as beautiful as ever. There are doctors from all over the world that have researched out her condition and have classified it under it’s own journal of medicine as being coined the “Cinderella disease”. Her exclusive tell-all story will be published in the May issue of TheBeautyBattalion.com magazine. I suggest you read it and then help yourself to some humble pie.

      • 21

        The “Cinderella disease” that already exists is called chronic idiopathic urticaria and has nothing to do with the symptoms she describes. Also, when doctors “all over the world” study a new, totally unexplored disease experienced in only one person, they generally don’t publish their studies in The Beauty Battalion online magazine.

        (By the way, regarding the DNR… it’s a very little-known fact, but CPR is only successful in about 8% of the people to whom it is administered, and a large percentage of those people suffer permanent brain and physical damage. It’s actually not difficult to convince a doctor to give you one, because they are all aware of these facts. There was a recent survey of doctors who were asked what types of medical intervention they would choose to have performed on themselves… five percent of doctors – yes, only five – said that they would want CPR performed on themselves. And withholding CPR is all a DNR is. If you are interested in further exploring this matter, here’s an interesting breakdown: http://www.radiolab.ORG/story/262588-bitter-end/)

      • 22

        I am so sorry her and her friends & family must endure this. Thank you for defending her, but I’ve dealt with a lot of “Donald hating trolls”, and nothing you say will change this hateful person’s heart. I saw the genuine emotion coming from Melissa. I saw her speak at the rally last night, so powerful! During his primary run I’ve seen Mr. Trump almost tear up 3 times. The first 2 times were at a town hall near me in West Chester, OH. The 3rd was when Melissa spoke to him there in WI. I am again so sorry for the hateful trolls that come out against anything positive having to do with Mr. Trump, no one should have to defend their close friends from hostile attacks like this.

    • 23

      I believe it’s HELLP syndrome. Similar to a severe form of pre-eclampsia that is deadly if left untreated. She was treated in time to deliver the baby and save her life but not in time to reverse the autonomic dysfunction that has left her organs damaged. It’s very easy to catch with the right blood tests if the docs recognize the symptoms.

    • 24

      It’s called Dysautonomia. Did you know she was voted Miss Congeniality in every pageant she was in, including Miss USA? Sadly her story highlights the need for every patient and their families to self-advocate and get second opinions rather than blindly trusting your doctor. I wish her the best!

  3. 25
  4. 27

    There is power in prayer and may Christians everywhere pray for Melissa and her family. There are too many so-called Health Providers who only want to write prescriptions to mask the problems (and collect the money), rather than run/order tests to determine the cause of the problems. I say: “If I don’t know what’s causing the problem, let’s refer to a specialist or a Cleveland Clinic, etc.”

    • 28

      Studies have actually shown that, for people who don’t know they’re being prayed for, prayer does absolutely nothing and for those who do know they are being prayed for, they actually fare worse than the control group. But don’t let things like evidence stop you from believing.

  5. 29

    Autonomic failure is when the part of the brain controlling heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration and digestion, among other things, stops working. IT IS TERMINAL

    • 30

      I think it was an appropriate question to ask what the actual diagnosis is. It is never stated. Perhaps she does have something wrong, but what she has is not Primary Autonomic Failure or Muti-Systems Atrophy. Please do not parrot what you read on an internet news report if you do not understand the terminology you are using.

  6. 31

    Melissa , all our prayers are with you and your family . TRUMP is right you are a very BRAVE woman . JUST know AIP ( Anything is Possible ) , with belief and faith . Dont ever give up no matter what any doctor says . I would like to direct the to following Gorilla and TPP . Melissa made it to a TRUMP rally TUESDAY , to thank him in person for his personal letter he sent and for all his help and support personally and due to his organization and others in the Pageant also . Obviously you refuse to give TRUMP any credit or mention due him for his impact on this dying woman .You haters are so used to pro FRAUDS like CRUZ and the likes that you forget that some people like TRUMP really care about people and OUR country. I sure hope that the readers of your biased RAG of a paper uses it in the toilet where it should be !.If you would like the real complete story go to the DAILY MAIL.COM

    • 32

      You’re calling this a rag and then referring people to the Daily Mail?

      And by the way, it’s really rotten and cynical for you or anyone to make this woman’s illness all about Trump and his campaign, just because she was in a pageant that he owned. Gumby couldn’t make a bigger stretch if he were warming up for his Olympic gymnastics routine…

  7. 33

    1. Autonomic disorders are real! You sound very uneducated. Try looking up autonomic disorders at Mayo, Cleveland, Toledo, Vanderbilt. It affects over 1 million people in the world. There are many disorders within autonomic disorders, autonomic failure is real and people do die!
    2. Dont judge, until you have walked in our shoes. It forevers changes your life even when you are being treated and thankfully not in failure.

  8. 34

    Donald trump is so rich, why doesn’t he just give her 10,000 or better yet 100,000. it wouldn’t hurt him, and would help her.

    • 35

      I imagine he’d need to know exactly what is wrong with her first, and she seems to be struggling to accurately say what that is. I hope nobody gets me wrong; I don’t doubt that she is suffering. But it’s been a decade now, and she has yet to explain what her diagnosis is, what the doctor did wrong while she was pregnant – or what he should have done differently – whether she is in fact dying, etc. in order for anyone to really know how to help her, medically or financially.

  9. 36
    • 37

      That’s really getting on my nerves. These are very strong and serious accusations that she’s making, without backing them up with any evidence. If I were the doctor(s), I’d be contemplating some sort of legal action.

      When she described how devastating and crippling her symptoms were during pregnancy — even that her boyfriend was carrying her in to the appointments — well then, really, shouldn’t she have been going to an emergency room rather than waiting for her regularly scheduled time with her obgyn?

  10. 38

    Whole thing stinks of a PR stunt. Her ‘speech’ @ the rally sounded completely rehearsed & the emotion fake. It was also almost verbatim of a supposed letter of thanks she wrote him. Mothers do not refer to their children as (…)-American, simply my son or my child, certainly not over and over as in her speech. And too convenient that it comes on the heels of his FUBAR abortion comment & she happens to be from a state he trails Cruz in…Wake up people. Don’t drink the kool-aid.

    • 39

      It seemed the same to me. Was painful to watch knowing how staged it obviously was; like I said above, I am not going to question that she may be suffering somehow, but to the extent that she was lauding Trump for her beauty pageant money while claiming it – and by proxy, Trump – had saved her life (somehow) and then repeatedly emphasizing the Mexican heritage of her son, it seemed like she was exploiting people’s emotions and even exploiting people’s genuine illnesses to make a political play for Trump. I didn’t not appreciate it at all, and I am rather irked at all of these people holding her up as some sort of example as to why Trump isn’t such a bad guy after all.

      And if she’s going to publicly emphasize her own illness as some roundabout way of playing up Trump, then it is perfectly valid to question what that illness actually is. It’s not heartless; it’s a perfectly rational response to that stage-crafted “moment.” It seemed even Trump was cringing on the inside.

      • 40

        You’ve got it Kendall and KMM. I too don’t doubt she is ill with something and believes her time is near, but there are claims are not adding up in her story. I feel the need to comment:

        In addition to some things you’ve pointed out, the above article claims she stated she had several unsuccessful heart procedures? Define procedure? I don’t see any surgery scars or even traces of a Tracheotomy stoma on her chest and there is a very clear photo of her on the Daily Mail article. I’m sorry, getting bad results on a EKG or Stress Test isn’t the same as an “unsuccessful heart procedure” in the medical world, but it is sufficiently vague to scare people into not pushing into the matter further. I’m surprised she isn’t a candidate for an implanted pacemaker/defibrillator, before a heart transplant.

        I am also very skeptical that her condition was truly malpractice, but rather just a rare (but entirely natural) side-effect of childbearing. Probably she believes it to be malpractice, as it’s a lot easier to drum up sympathy for something like that (Don’t ask me why, I would feel bad regardless of the origin, but that “careless doctor” trope is one that resonates). As far as I know, we don’t have socialized medicine yet in America that mandates you have to see only one practitioner, so she was free to get a second opinion if she felt her doctor wasn’t listening to her repeated concerns. I would, especially if I felt I was dying and too weak to stand for want sounds like months on end! Common sense says that is not healthy or normal for a pregnant woman. If she couldn’t afford a different doctor, well, that’s the health care market that our poorly regulated insurance industry built and some people will have to suffer or die in the name of “economic freedom”.

        The timing in Trump’s favor only makes it more suspect . He’s currently trying to prove to the voting base he cares about women and Mexican-Americans. This interaction is so neatly checks off some of these boxes. One thing positive I can say about Trump is he knows how to orchestrate good TV by pressing emotional buttons.

        Call me heartless if you want, but someone has to be skeptical and not take everything at face value. I do feel for her son more than any of the adults in the situation. Poor kiddo.

  11. 41

    All doctors are evil. Similar things have happened to me and people I know of. Psychiatry for example, unnecessarily drugs down growing children to stunt/delay their growth. Side effects follow. The doctors aren’t angels but in fact, are demons in white coats. They work for the big pharma elite. They don’t care for your health. Even if they did, they won’t for long enough till they’re bought by the new drug chain of big enslaving pharma. Their works are crooked. Their eyes are crooked. Their passion is wicked and their motives are demonic. Real talk. I hate every last doctor there is. Every last one. No one deserves of the name of doctor unless he/she has gone out of their ways to help the sick and suffering. Not someone who sits in an air conditioned room being paid $$$$$$ and receives counsel from the system to leech off of hard working people. I feel bad for nurses because they’re victims of this indoctrinaton. If you get sick and you feel no need, don’t go to the doctor. There’s no option left when it comes to severe ailments as miss Young other than go to them but see what happened to her? That happens to everyone. The beta leftist doctors will the tried in the court of the most high for they had the power in earth to cure most sicknesses but abused it for their agenda. It’s all a con art, I’m telling you.

  12. 42

    There is nothing impossible for God to do. He that created us, would it be difficult for Him to fix our bodies’ dysfunctionality? We stand with you – absolutely believing in the healing power of God through Jesus Christ. I decree and declare that your liver and kidney will become functional again by the power that raised Christ from the dead. You will not die but live to declare the wonders of God to your generation.

  13. 43

    I really hope that it’s a lack of knowledge that the dumb-idiotic comments are being made about her “condition no condition” so let me explain. (I myself have been in & out of hospitals) The brain is what tells the rest of the body how to function. It is the most important part of our body! Anytime something happens to our brain there is always problems that follow from damage from that part of the brain that does whatever it’s set up to do. Your not always gonna get a clear diagnoses for these things it just doesn’t work like that. So no it’s not FAKE, YES her struggle & story is real. It’s a fact!

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