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Relaunch Disaster Sale

Yesterday we experienced a disastrous relaunching of our website. Pageant Planet was down for roughly 24 hours only to be relaunched with key pages looking less than professional.

So, we decided to make the best of a bad situation by giving you a gift in exchange for your patience with us.

For the next 48 hours you can become a VIP girl for only $37! That’s a 22% savings on the cheapest, most effective pageant coaching tool on the planet that is guaranteed to help you improve or we will give you your money back. At checkout just use the coupon code: VIP10

What is the VIP membership? Unlimited 1-on-1 Skype coaching. You can cancel this membership at any time and you are not required to stay on for a minimum amount of months.

Yep. It’s kind of a big deal…if you like to win pageants.

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Unlimited Pageant Coaching – $47 per Month

Miss Teen United States 2015 & Miss Teen California USA 2015 (who won 1st Runner Up to Miss Teen USA) were VIP Girls. Need more proof? Continue reading…

Our VIP Program is the most comprehensive, cost effective and efficient way to train for your next pageant.

By choosing to become a VIP Girl, you can schedule unlimited recorded coaching sessions that are designed to help you win your pageant. Our 1-on-1 coaching sessions will help you prepare to win your pageant regardless of the system and age division that you are competing.

This insider edge has helped more than 1000 girls whom you have probably competed against win national, state and local titles in dozens of different systems across all age divisions.

These girls won because they invested themselves and were willing to take a different action in order to obtain a different result. What about you? When are you going to go all out and give yourself the best opportunity to win the crown?

You’ve seen the quality and consistency of our free coaching content – Imagine the quality service you will receive with our VIP Pageant Coaching Program. Gaining access to exclusive pageant coaching strategies is both quick and easy, and your benefits become available the moment you sign up.

It’s like having an entire pageant coaching team in your back pocket! 

Even if you’ve hired a pageant coach, you’re going to find your membership the best investment for advancing your pageant career. Can’t yet afford a private coach? Then your membership is ABSOLUTELY necessary for your success in pageant interview!

And always remember – Your complete satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. If for any month you feel you’ve haven’t received your money’s worth; if we haven’t helped you meet, or even surpass your pageant training expectations – just let us know. We’ll refund your money for that month. No questions, no sass, just your money back!



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Sylvia Leszanczuk

“Pageant Planet is a great resource, especially for those individuals who are newer to the industry.”

Sylvia Leszanczuk, Miss Galaxy 2015

pageant coaching,interview coaching,pageant preparation
Harleen Malhans

“I am proud to say I was 2nd Runner Up at the Miss Canada 2015 pageant in Montreal, Quebec last weekend. It was an amazing experience and your website helped me so much to prepare!!”

Harleen Malhans, Miss Canada Contestant

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Beth Isbell

“I love the tips and tricks because I didn’t come from a pageant background or have any experience so I found those extremely useful. Love, love, love, The Pageant Planet!”

Beth Isbell, Mrs. United States 2014

Miss Teen United States 2015 & Miss Teen California USA 2015 (who won 1st Runner Up to Miss Teen USA) were VIP Girls. Need more proof? –> Click to Read Over One Hundred More Pageant Planet Testimonials <–

VIP Pageant Coaching Features and Benefits

FYI: The below section used to be a lot prettier 🙁

  • Know with 100% certainty that your wardrobe is “crown worthy” by instantly getting your wardrobe reviewed by our Queen of Fashion.
  • Nervous that you might not walk away with the crown? Schedule unlimited Skype pageant coaching calls with us for one low cost. We will take the fear away but letting you know exactly what you need to do to win the crown.
  • Ask unlimited questions to The Pageant Planet staff and get your answers QUICKLY. Save $100′s by not having to call a coach every time a small question pops up in your mind.
  • Receive daily, relevant practice questions based on the current events, trends and topics that judges will ask about in interview.
  • In pageantry you either age out or win out. So we understand the need to easily cancel is important. Every day you sign in you will literally see a button that says, “Cancel”.
  • As a VIP girl you will receive unlimited recorded mock interviews based on the system and age division you are competing in. After the interview we will give you verbal feedback and then email you the video with written feedback so our critique makes more sense.
  • Never be embarrassed again by a silly grammatical error that you missed when reviewing your own paperwork. We will analyze your resume and guarantee you a great first impression.
  • Do you have to give a speech or do a personal introduction at your pageant? Let us help you create a masterpiece!
  • 95% of every question that you will be asked in interview will come directly off of your bio sheet. Submit your bio sheet to us and we will ask you interview questions based on your paperwork, age division and pageant system.
  • Upload a video of your pageant talent and we will watch it and then provide you a written review of what you did well and what areas can be improved.

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A VIP GIRL TODAY and SAVE BIG (But, only for a limited time)!


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