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Our VIP Program is the most comprehensive, cost effective and efficient way to train for pageant interview. The VIP Program offers are so much more than casual coaching tips in pageant interview that always leaves you thinking, “Yeah, but...” By choosing to become a VIP Girl, you'll have unlimited access to our exclusive coaching software that's designed to help you prepare for interview based on the specifications of your system and age division. Our exclusive software will ask you questions, record your answers and then give you a video recording so that you can self analyze. Additionally, you'll be able to ask us unlimited questions concerning your training, received weekly news recaps with practice interview questions and get our help on your wardrobe.
This insider edge has helped more than 100 girls whom you have probably competed against win national, state and local titles.
These girls won because they invested themselves and were willing to take a different action in order to obtain a different result. What about you? When are you going to go all out and give yourself the best opportunity to win the crown? You've seen the quality and consistency of our free coaching content - Imagine the quality service you will receive with our VIP Pageant Coaching Program. Gaining access to exclusive pageant interview coaching strategies is both quick and easy, and your benefits become available the moment you sign up.

It's Like Having Your Very Own Pageant Coaching Team On Speed Dial... Only, We Answer Every Time!

Even if you've hired a pageant coach, you're going to find your membership the best investment for advancing your pageant career. Can't yet afford a private coach? Then your membership is ABSOLUTELY necessary for your success in pageant interview! And always remember - Your complete satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. If for any month you feel you've haven't received your money's worth; if we haven't helped you meet, or even surpass your pageant training expectations - just let us know. We'll refund your money for that month. No questions, no sass, just your money back!

Does Your Pageant Interview Coach Do That?

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VIP Coaching Features Described



Win With The Pageant Planet

I was prepared to win my title because of your website and I cannot thank you enough!

Stephanie Chervenkov, Miss Maryland Teen USA 2012

Step Up Your Game

Need help preparing for your next pageant? Check out The Pageant Planet! The emails from Steven Roddy II will help you step up your game and get focused on the job you want!

Amanda Moreno, National All American Miss 2012, Miss Georgia Collegiate 2013

VIP Coaching Features...

  • Wardrobe Review

    Know with 100% certainty that your wardrobe is “crown worthy” by instantly getting your wardrobe reviewed by our Queen of Fashion.

  • Headline News Review

    Let us research the news that you will be asked about in interview and then hand it to your on a digital platter. Then review our practice questions so that you can make sure you’re prepared for success.

  • Unlimited Q&A

    Ask unlimited questions to The Pageant Planet staff and get your answers QUICKLY. Save $100′s by not having to call your coach every time a small question pops up in your mind.

  • Practice Interview Questions

    Receive daily, relevant practice questions based on the current events and trends that judges will cover in interview.

  • Easy Cancellation

    In pageantry you either age out or win out. So we understand the need to easily cancel is important. To cancel visit, ThePageantPlanet.com/Cancel.

  • Text Message Support

    Receive unlimited support via text message. You text us and we text back. How simple is that?

More VIP Features...

  • Unlimited Virtual Mock Interviews

    Our interactive software will help you practice your interview from the comfort of your bedroom. Each interview is tailored to match the interview style and length of your pageant system.

  • Paperwork Review

    Never be embarrassed again by a silly grammatical error that you missed when reviewing your own paperwork. Let our Queen of Editing and Queen of Interview analyze your resume and give you a great first impression.

  • Custom Mock Interview

    95% of every question that you will be asked in interview will come directly off of your bio sheet. Submit your bio sheet to us and we will create a customized digital interview for you based on your paperwork.

  • Coaching mp3

    Gain immediate access to over 30 hours of coaching mp3 from current and past titleholders to learn what they did to win.

  • Read Unlimited Articles

    Did you know that not all of our content is visible? When you become a VIP Girl you gain access the hidden content on The Pageant Planet.

  • Still Got Questions? Call Us.

    Here is our office line. Call us with your questions: 1-888-430-PLANET

100% Guarantee

If you do not feel more prepared to succeed in interview or you feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth then we will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. No whining. No gossip.

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Got Questions? Call Us: 1-888-430-PLANET


Pageant coaches cost $50 - $150 per hour. With our VIP Program you can have unlimited coaching for less than one hour of a traditional coach. This benefit alone will save you $100s.


Get coached from the comfort of your home and during a time that's convenient for you.

What's the Benefit of the VIP Pageant Coaching Program?

Expert Advice

Over 100,000 girls trust our advice and 100s of coaches and directors send their girls to our site for validation and additional coaching. Now, you can work with us daily to bring our your strengths and give you the best opportunity for success.


We've helped 100s of girls win pageants and are asked to judge pageants all across the nation, however, if your expectations are not met let us know and we will refund your money. Does your coach do that?

The Decision

Ultimately life comes down to a choice. Will you choose to be uncomfortable and invest in yourself so that you can get a different result?

Or will you choose to remain comfortable and keep training the same way while wondering why you keep getting the same results?

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