5 Pageant Platform Money Raising Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Work!

Raising money for your platform can be rewarding and fun, but only if you know how to get started. Here’s how to raise money for your platform! One of the best things about being a pageant girl is your opportunity to make a difference! This is where the your pageant platform will come into play.


10 Ways to Get Your Pageant Platform Nationally Recognized

Crowning shot

 There’s one ultimate question we all face not just in pageantry, but in life: WHO ARE YOU? Most of us think it’s just a name, but if you want to do national or national or international platform work, within 30 seconds you need to be able to really answer “Who are you?”. Standing on stage


4 Tips To Get More Involved With Your Pageant Platform


Getting really involved with your pageant platform is one of the best ways to make the most of your pageant experience and really make the change you wish to see in the world (check out our article “Pageant Platform: Do it With Passion or Not at All”). You never know where your pageant platform could


Is Having a Pageant Platform Important to Winning?


A lot of girls want to know if having a pageant platform is really that important as a pageant contestant. Can you win a pageant without owning your own nonprofit organization or winning the President’s Volunteer Service Award? Of course you can, but a pageant platform can only help you, not hurt you, so there’s no


Pageant Platform: Do It With Passion Or Not At All


Many young ladies who participate in pageants have a pageant platform or social issue that is important to them. Some ladies may even decide to take their support of a cause to the next level by creating their own non-profit/organization. Having a physical pageant platform makes for an impressive resume which will attract the judges’ attention. More