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Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2014

This year we gave you the chance to sound off and nominate the best photographers in the pageant planet. Of course, remember that there are many qualified and outstanding pageant photographers out there beyond this list, but there can only be a top ten from the votes you cast!


10. Angel Samples

As you can see, Angel does amazing work!

Black and white or color, this pageant photographer’s work is excellent! Based out of South Carolina, check out this popular artist.


9: Eve Dupree

Eve’s work is cute and fun for kids!


Specializing in natural and glitz photos for children, you’re sure to walk away with a stunning and beautiful photo.


 8. John Flynn- Clover Storm Photography

miss galaxy
He’s shot the Miss Galaxy titleholders!

Group shots, headshots and a range of unique photos are found in this photographer’s portfolio. Go there for a headshot but you may end up adding several other pieces to your collection! Talented and innovative, according to his fans, their office is located in Dayton, Ohio.


7. Todd Ward

Todd’s photos aren’t always your traditional pageant headshots

Fashionable and multi-purpose, the images from Todd Ward’s studio are visually compelling and fun.

6. Fadil Berisha

miss usa
Fadil is a popular photographer for the Miss USA system

From concept to final product, it’s no surprise that this very popular pageant photographer was nominated so many times! His work with the MUO is always highly sought-after by pageant fans.


5. Jeanna Beasley

Jeanna Beasley creates beautiful pageant headshots

If you’ve been in pageants for any period of time, you have definitely seen one of this photographer’s headshots. She’s got an eye for color and pageant headshots that stand out in program books, and she’s very fun to work with!

4. Goodwin Photography

Goodwin Photography is a notable pageant photographer

If you haven’t heard of this company yet, you will see more and more of their work in the future. An up and comer, this photography studio earned the #4 spot because they’ve got a knack for techniques that highlight the subject’s individual beauty and personality.

3. Southern Exposure Photography

southern exposure photography, pageant headshots
Southern Exposure Photography

Based out of Alabama, this photographer is skilled in working with all kinds of subjects.

2. Amanda Ferguson

miss nevada, miss teen usa
Amanda has photographed Miss Nevada Teen USA

Whether you’re a reigning titleholder or hoping to capture the crown yourself, you can expect vivid images from Amanda Ferguson’s work!

1. Matt Boyd

Matt Boyd’s work is notoriously beautiful

This photography team has made a name for themselves in the realm of pageants by working with titleholders in many different systems.

Who did your pageant headshots? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Which dress do you like better?

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Pageant Photographers of 2014

  1. Congratulations to John Flynn, Pure American Pageants’ Official Photographer! We are so happy to have you on our staff John!

  2. Lots of excellent and sorry perhaps better left out of this list:
    Elizabeth Santiago LeRed
    Carter studios
    Catherine Fiehn
    Melissa and Chad Cosper
    P3 Atlanta
    Wow! Beth Hopstetter
    Kristy Belcher

    1. The best in pageant photographers were determined by 1,000s of voters from The Pageant Planet. I agree with many of your list but the didn’t get enough votes to pierce the Top 10

    2. Glad to see Ben made someone’s list!

  3. Marshall Meadows is an absolute favorite of Mid-West Miss America and MAOT girls. His work is stunning.

  4. It’s rigged!!!! Miss Jamaica and I were both robbed!!!!

  5. What an honor, thanks to whoever nominated me and voted for me. I didn’t even know this contest happened, I just signed on facebook today and was tagged in this link, what a great surprise!! I love my clients <3

  6. I think Clay Spann should’ve made this list.

    1. I encourage you to vote for her next year. I’m sure that she is wonderful!

      1. Clay Spann is a guy and a major heavy hitter in pageant photography. I’m wondering how people so involved with pageantry can not know of him, he perhaps would have made this list. I know you mentioned these lists where voted on but they all are missing most the best QUALITY vendors, I know in many cases it is a matter of opinion but it’s looking very weird here and it’s , well, generally misinformation, people have to spend their pageant dollar wisely and might be upset at the given advice. Look at the images posted here there are only a few that would win at a pageant.

  7. Well I will tell you one thing. Some of these are good but most pageant contestants will hold onto who they really use because they don’t want competition to know. This would be a much different list if you put all the pics in a competition either photography or pageant and let them compete them. I don’t know how to do this fairly but perhaps jury actual photo quality next time?

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