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Top 10 Personal Trainers in Pageantry of 2014

From the nominations we received from our Pageant Planet fans and our staff, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Personal Trainers in 2014. These people are experts in the world of fitness and have had many successful clients! See if your favorite personal trainers made our list!


Julie Blackwood

10. Julie Blackwood – Julie creates customized training and diet programs for contestants to be at their best. Her clients include Alyse Eady (Miss Arkansas 2011 and 1st Runner-Up at Miss America) and Karen Bartosh (Mrs. International Fitness Winner 2011)


Tia Falcone with Nina Davuluri. Photo Credit: Syracuse Post-Standard/ David Lassman
Tia Falcone with Nina Davuluri.
Photo Credit: Syracuse Post-Standard/David Lassman

9. Tia Falcone – Tia is the owner of Tia Falcone Fitness and was the trainer for Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri.


Josh Rogers

8. Josh Rogers – Josh has trained numerous pageant girls including Stormi Henley (2009 Miss Teen USA), Rachel Smith (2007 Miss USA) and Ashley Durham (2010 Miss Tennessee USA & 1st Runner-Up at Miss USA).


Jenny May Clermont Photo Credit: JOHN CARL D'ANNIBALE / 518LIFE
Jenny May Clermont

7. Jenny May Clermont – Jenny May is the owner of Fitness Together. She has researched diet and exercise for more than 25 years to understand better how a healthy lifestyle affects body physiology. She specializes in personal training and coaching.


Miss Teen Oklahoma USA and Brian
Miss Teen Oklahoma USA and Brian Attebery

6. Brian Attebery – Brian is the official trainer to Oklahoma USA, Kansas USA, Missouri USA, Nebraska USA, Arkansas USA, Miss Oklahoma, Miss Missouri, Miss Washington, Mrs. Oklahoma (America), Mrs. Oklahoma (United States) and Mrs. Texas (United States).

His objective is to help pageant contestants nation wide achieve their fitness goals for their competition and make it a lifestyle of health and wellness by utilizing proper nutrition and exercise individualized for their needs through personalized, online program consultations.


Matt Jones with Lauren Cheape, Miss Hawaii 2011
Matt Jones with Lauren Cheape, Miss Hawaii 2011

5. Matt Jones – The go to pageant trainer in Hawaii. Matt has coached Teen, Miss and Mrs contestants. With his meal plans and training girls have won the crown in the USA, America, Earth and many other systems.


Mary Marsha Riley

4. Mary Marsha Riley – Mary-Marsha is certified by the National Federation of Personal Trainers as well as a pageant coach. She is your one stop shop when it comes to pageant prep and this is why she is one of the top pageant trainers of 2014.


Angelo training one of his clients
Angelo training one of his clients

3. Angelo Frasier – Fit Body by Angelo clients include Megan Tyler Pinckney (Miss South Carolina USA 2013), Lauren Rickabaugh (Miss Aiken USA 2013) and Sydney Perry (Miss North Carolina USA 2012).


John A Morris


2. John Morris – John is the official trainer for Miss Ghana Universe as well as state organizations including District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. His motto, “I can tell you, but I’d rather show you!” is how he characterizes his accomplishments.


Personal trainer, Katie Boyd


1. Katie Boyd – Katie Boyd is the owner of Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club. She sponsors the Miss Massachusetts, Miss New Hampshire and Miss Maine USA and Teen USA pageants. She is also the official sponsor to the Miss Massachusetts America Pageant. As a former titleholder herself, she knows what pageant girls need to be ready for their upcoming pageants.

These personal trainers made it to the top of our in 2014! Did we miss any? Comment below!

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One thought on “Top 10 Personal Trainers in Pageantry of 2014

  1. My trainer in Arizona – Scott Keppel is a official trainer for Miss America, Miss America USA, Miss Teen USA, & Miss Outstanding Teen contestants.

    Scott trains in person contestants for Miss Arizona USA, Miss Arizona, Miss Teen Arizona USA, and Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen in his Chandler and Phoenix/Arcadia, AZ locations.

    Recommended by The Pageant Planet and Future Productions, he trains contestants online/virtually in Colorado, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, Wyoming. Wherever you are in the world he would love to get you ready for your pageant!

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