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Miss Teen Galaxy 2018, Misha Grimes. Photo: Monsignor Photography

Top 10 Teen Evening Gowns of 2017

Pageant evening gowns can make any girl feel like a queen, but finding the right gown can be tricky. Finding a gown that is a representation of who you are is a key to impressing the judging panel, and these 10 Teens nailed it this year! (Read: 6 Secrets to Discovering the Perfect Evening Gown […]

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Pageant Question About What Intimidates You

Pageant Question About What Intimidates You Today’s Pageant Question of the Day: What intimidates you? Why this question was asked: This is a popular question among all different pageant systems. Judges will often ask this question or something similar because contestants typically spend their time in their interview talking about their strengths and accomplishments, so judges may […]

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Miss USA Ambassador Preteen 2017, Emma Marie Cook. Photo: Bill Krautler Photography

Top 10 Preteen Evening Gowns of 2017

Evening gown is one of the best parts of the competition. Walking on stage in a gorgeous gown while all eyes are on you can make any contestant feel like a true queen. For Preteens, the evening gown competition offers a unique opportunity to take some fashion risks. Preteens normally range in age from 10 […]

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