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Makeup Secrets for Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Whether they come from aging or a lack of sleep, many people struggle with making their dark circles disappear. There are countless remedies to get rid of them and even more products designed to cover them up. With all these options, how do you decide what to try? Here are some great makeup secrets on […]

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Pageant Question About Your Biggest Fear

Pageant Question About Your Biggest Fear Today’s Pageant Question of the Day: What is your biggest fear? Why this question was asked: This is a common interview question. It is your opportunity to show that you are human and also show your strength in how you overcome your fears. Here is how some of our Instagram followers […]

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Philippines Pageant Training Camp Graduates Win Miss International and Miss Earth in the Same Year

Rodin Gilbert Flores is ending the year as the most accomplished pageant trainer in the industry. With a Miss International and a Miss Earth win in the same year, Flores is the most sought-after trainer in the world. (Read: How to Prepare for Your First Pageant) About Flores The self-proclaimed, self-taught trainer started late in life after […]

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