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Miss Preteen Hawai'i United States 2017, Chelsea Masaki, in her beautiful home state. Photo: @masakiphotography Instagram

A Mom’s Guide To Helping a Preteen Win a Pageant

Congratulations, mom! You are now the proud owner of a preteen! (Can you sense my hint of sarcasm here?!) Preteen girls competing in pageants are in one of the most challenging age groups. Not only are they experiencing changes in appearance, but they also confront issues to conform with society’s standards and deal with so […]

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Famous Pageant Coach Jonas Gaffud Publishes a Book

Jonas Gaffud, the pageant coach from the Philippines known as the “queen-maker,” has published a book as a guide to pageantry for beginners and experts. (Read: 10 Beginner Mistakes Every Pageant Girl Makes) About the book The book, “The Crown: Your Essential Guide to Becoming a Beauty Queen” was written by Gaffud and his team of successful […]

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Pageant Question About a Book Written About You

Pageant Question About a Book Written About You Today’s Pageant Question of the Day: If you had a book written about you, what would it consist of? Why this question was asked: This is an opportunity to show the judges what events in your life have been important and how they have shaped you. This is […]

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