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10 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There you are, just scrolling through your feed, to find a tagged picture of yourself that is totally cringe-worthy. Maybe it is a ghostly white face, clown cheeks, or dreaded orange glow (Read: The 5 Rules of Spray Tanning Every Pageant Girl Should Know)

Even if you untag yourself from the picture, the photo still exists forever in the virtual realm.

Fear not, after reading this article you will now have the tools to fix 10 of the most common makeup blunders, mistakes, and misconceptions out there. Say goodbye to heinous insta feeds forever!

10 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If you’re not much of a reader then you can have an overview of this article by seeing the visual below. It doesn’t cover all that I talk about but it does highlight several points.


Common Makeup Mistakes

1. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

Blame it on the changing seasons and losing that gorgeous summer tan or testing makeup on your wrist instead of your face; whatever the case may be, it is time to get that perfect match.

Get your favorite foundation in the two colors closest to your skin tone. Then, apply a swipe of each color on your jawline and walk outside with a mirror. Pick whichever color comes closest to your natural tone. The bonus of getting two colors? Now you can mix the two, creating your perfect shade all the time.

foundation, makeup
Test your foundation colors on your face, in the natural light.

2. Applying too much bronzer

I love bronzer as much as the next girl, but I have unfortunately made the mistake of applying too liberally all over my face, creating an obviously fake orange tone.

Instead of applying all over, dust bronzer on cheekbones, temples, and nose. This will create a more natural summer glow, as these are the planes of the face the sunlight would naturally hit.

One more tip, don’t forget to dust the neck up and into your jawline to ensure your face and body blend well.

Top pageant makeup artist Wendi Russo suggests finding a contour kit suited for your skin tone.

“[This will] enable you to bronze to maximize your features and minimize those you need to – by using a lighter color on the bridge of nose, between the eyes, under the nose to help highlight the face for stage and photos,” Russo said.

orange face, too much bronzer.
Bronzer applied all over will create an unwanted and unnatural orange glow.

3. Not washing your makeup brushes

YES, we are all crunched for time in both our morning and evening routines. However, taking the extra five minutes to wash your brushes is not only a good sanitary practice, but your makeup application will actually be smoother.

I wash my brushes at night so they are dry and ready to be used by morning. My favorite cleanser is the Solid by Beauty Blender (great for all applicators, not just the Beauty Blender Sponge). Be gentle on your brushes and let them air dry lying flat, never standing up.

In the long run, your face will have less breakouts than with using dirty brushes. In the short term, your clean brushes will apply your foundation, concealers and even face colors flawlessly. Have you ever tried applying concealer with a clogged up concealer brush? The makeup just doesn’t blend seamlessly into the skin like it should.

brush cleansser.
A great cleanser for both makeup brushes and sponge applicators.

4. Adding more powder to oily skin

This is more of a problem in the hot and humid months as sweat and oil production go into overdrive, making the face look shiny. Reapplying powder again and again throughout the day can create a cakey look to your makeup.

Instead of using a pressed powder to touch up unwanted shine, carry an oil blotter with you and use it when you feel greasy or shiny. A blotting paper will easily remove the oil without disturbing the makeup underneath. My favorite is still the $5 drug store version of Clean and Clear oil-absorbing sheets. Simple and effective!

oil absorbing sheets.
These oil absorbing sheets will soak up excess shine while leaving makeup undisturbed. Plus they are under $5 at drugstores!

5. Wearing too much blush

Not only can too much blush make you seem clown-faced, but it can also add years (not in a flattering way) to your appearance.

Blush is intended to give a youthful, healthy flush. Start by smiling and popping out the natural apples of the cheeks, dust color here (very sparingly!) and blend backward towards the temples. By applying the blush on the cheekbones, you will visually elongate and sweep your face up. Make sure to blend so there are no harsh lines. (For more tips on blush colors, read: How to Find Which Color Blush Complements Your Skin Tone)

too much blush.
Wearing too much blush not only creates a clown face but actually ages you!

6. Wearing too light of a concealer on dark undereyes

It is the morning after late-night pageant rehearsals, and lack of sleep has left you with dark undereye circles as you live off your triple shot latte.

Most concealers are not actually meant to correct undereye circles since they will have a cool, whitish tint to the formula. By wearing regular concealer under the eyes, it will leave a white glow that especially shows up in photography as a reverse raccoon eye.

Correct this problem with a color-correcting concealer in a pink or peachy hue, as this will counteract the blue-tint of the dark circles. After using the color-correcting concealer, apply foundation as normal.

Master corrector
One of my favorite dark circle color correctors is Giorgio Armani Master Corrector, available in peach tone for fair skin and orange tone for medium/deep skin tones.


If you’re a visual learner then here is a eye makeup guide that will help you create the perfect eye every time.

eye makeup,makeup guide,perfect eye
7. Pumping the mascara tube

I am not sure where we all got the idea to pump our wands in and out of the mascara tube, but this will only add air into your tube of product, causing it to dry up well before its time.

Instead, swirl your wand inside of the tube to collect product on the applicator. This will evenly coat the applicator and help with a smoother, more even set of lashes.

Instead of pumping your wand inside the tube, swirl it around to evenly coat it with product.

8. Applying matte lipstick to dry lips

Matte lipstick can be tricky enough to wear as it is, but if applied over dry, flakey lips, the color will accentuate the dryness.

Make sure to gently exfoliate lips prior to any lipstick application, either with a gentle home-made scrub or even with a soft bristled toothbrush. Priming will also help lock in moisture and keep the color for hours!  (Read: 10 ways to Beautify Skin with Natural Remedies)

lip polish
Use a gentle exfoliator on lips prior to wearing a matte lipstick.

9. Uneven eyeliner

I get it, you are winging it with everything, eyeliner included. I love a good cat-eye as much as anyone, but it does become obvious that you couldn’t even them out when both eyes are extremely over done with wings. After doing one eye’s liner perfectly, you try to match the other one but the line ends up thicker, longer, more exaggerated, and so on. So you go back to the first eye, hoping to even it out, but now this eye is thicker. Stop the cycle!

After doing both eyes with your liner, even if they are not perfect, put the liner away and grab a q-tip and some oil-free eye makeup remover. Wet the q-tip with the remover and drag it under and out from your eyeliner wing to expertly shape the line and even one side to the other. This will alleviate unwanted morning routine stress! (Read: How to Use Tape to Apply Eyeliner)

winged eyeliner
Miss West Virginia, Morgan Breeden, expertly shows how to perfect evenly winged eyes. Photo credit: missamerica.org

10. Wearing lip liner darker than your lipstick

Although trends from the 90s are back in a major way this season (I see you wearing that choker), not ALL trends should be on repeat. Wearing a lip liner darker than your lipstick will not only seem outdated, but it will also make your lips appear smaller.

Lip liner shouldn’t be feared as it can help prolong the wear of your color and keep the lipstick from settling into fine lines. Look for a pencil that matches the shade of lipstick to keep the look natural. If you can’t find a matching pencil, try a clear lip liner to keep the color inside the lips.

Miss North Carolina 2016, McKenzie Faggart, wears a neutral lip color, but her lip liner and lipstick match, keeping her look current and youthful. Photo credit: missamerica.org

These are the most common makeup mistakes that I have found and even have committed myself! Don’t be embarrassed if you have been guilty of these mistakes in the past, that is why The Pageant Planet is here, to help you learn! What are your most embarrassing makeup moments? Leave them in the comments section!

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  1. A great substitute for blotting sheets are the seat covers you find in the stalls of the ladies room. Use one to blot your T zone – they really work!

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