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10 Gowns That Will Make Your Easter Eggs Jealous

Easter eggs don’t want to be boring, and they don’t have to be!

There are so many ways to decorate your Easter eggs that you don’t even have to stick to the boxed kits.

While there are a plethora of boxed sets that will help you dye, bedazzle, tie-dye, crackle, glitter and even metal-tone your eggs, get creative! (Read: How To Decorate Pageant Inspired Easter Eggs)

Inspiration can come from everywhere and your eggs would certainly like to look like a few of the dresses designers have on the market this season.

10 Gowns That Will Make Your Easter Eggs Jealous

1. Jovani Nude Fully Embellished Open Back Pageant Dress 39193


Your Easter eggs would love the detailing on this gown. Straight lines, curves, silver, white, sparkle. It’s all there and it’s not boring. In fact, it is quite sophisticated.

This gown would be great for a Miss evening gown in a glamorous system.

2. Tony Bowls 11701


Making stripes on our Easter eggs was always a challenge as kids, but with some patience, and some q-tips or paintbrushes, you could achieve something to this effect.

This gown is great for fun fashion.

3. Sherri Hill 51144


Got a steady hand? Go for a monochromatic look with intricate detailing with a design like this on your Easter eggs. It’ll take you a while, but you won’t want to crack the shell when you’re done.

This dress is perfect for an appearance, rehearsal or photoshoot.

4. Mac Duggal Prom 30378M


Did you know you can dye your Easter eggs using silk scarves or ties? You can! I saw it on The Chew. You can’t eat them afterward, but you can totally do it. This gown looks a lot like the designs you see on scarves, so use it for inspiration – your Easter eggs will LOVE you for it. (Read: 10 Mac Duggal Prom 2017 Gowns You Could Wear for Fun Fashion)

This gown is great for a fun photoshoot or fun fashion competition.

5. Milano Formals E1987


Don’t rely on dye alone to dress up your Easter eggs. Use ribbon to create fun stripes!

This dress will work for both Miss, Teen and Mrs. opening number, appearance, photoshoot, orientation, arrival, introduction and possibly interview, depending on your system.

6. Vienna Prom 8251


Everyone wants the golden egg, so of course, your Easter eggs want to be the one you’re dye-ing to find.

This gown is perfect for a Miss evening gown.

7. Terani Couture 1722GL4485


Putting squares on an oblong shape can be difficult, but it’ll look super cool on your Easter egg and a fun break in the traditional designs when you’re done.

This gown would be great for a Miss fun fashion.

8. Scala 25417


Pastels are all the rage in spring, but you can give your Easter eggs a modern nod and go for deep hues instead.

This dress is perfect for a headshot, photoshoot, rehearsal or opening number.

9. Janique 1515


Pastels are perfect for spring, so don’t turn your back on them just yet. Give your Easter eggs a boost with some feather and/or jewel detailing in the same hue for an elegant Easter look.

This gown is a great option for Teen evening gown or Miss fun fashion.

10. Shail K 40712


Wrap your Easter eggs in lacy goodness with a doily or other fabric. You can also create the look without using fabric.

This look is perfect for prom, homecoming, Teen fun fashion or a spring photoshoot.

Going Forward

Recreating these looks on an Easter egg may take non-food grade techniques and dyes, so don’t eat the eggs you use unless you are absolutely sure you used food safe decorating materials.

To create these looks without worry, opt to use fake eggs (ceramic, wood, cardboard), which can be found at craft stores and even your local Wal-Mart.

Be sure to share your eggs with us on social media @pageantplanet.

Happy decorating!

Which dress do you like better?

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