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10 Moments Every Girl Has at Her First Pageant

Miss Iowa Teen USA 2017 Carley Arnold. Photo: Miss Iowa Teen USA Facebook
Miss Iowa Teen USA 2017 Carley Arnold. Photo: Miss Iowa Teen USA Facebook Page

The first step to the pageant world is entering your first pageant. However, your mind may be racing with questions leading up to your first pageant. What will the first day be like? Am I prepared? Can I do this? Why am I doing this?

Remember, even Miss America started out somewhere! Everyone does! With that being said, there are many things every contestant experiences at her first pageant that apply to everyone. (Read: 10 First Pageant Tips You Need To Know)

10 Moments Every Girl Has at Her First Pageant

10. You forget something

This is something you can guarantee will happen at your first pageant. You can make checklist after checklist after checklist. However, if it is your first pageant, it is easy to overlook small essentials.

For example, Band-aids and tissues are easy to overlook while you are triple checking to make sure you have bigger items like outfits and shoes. Luckily, many girls at your first pageant will probably have these essentials and will be more than willing to give you some! (Read: 5 Things You Need to Pack for Nationals)

9. “Oh wow, she is good.”

Every pageant has veteran competitors. These are girls who have been in pageants for years. There is a level of natural confidence that comes with competing for so long.

This confidence can be intimating to newer contestants. Just remember, as stated above, pageants are not like other performances on stage where you are a character. In pageants, you cannot hide behind a mask. You are competing as you and only you.

Since they have competed for years, veteran competitors are more confident in who they are on stage. Even better, veteran competitors love helping newer contestants! We were once in your shoes, so we know how you feel. If you have questions or need help, just ask! (Read: Is it Better to go First or Last in a Pageant?)

Developing yourself as a contestant takes time. You will be that comfortable on stage with work and patience. Pageant Planet offers VIP coaching to help you develop yourself as a contestant!

8. You will need more makeup

Stage lights are the most unforgiving in the world. They are bright and harsh. To avoid being washed out, you have to apply a ton of makeup.

A general rule of thumb is if you have to ask yourself, “Do I have enough makeup on?” the answer is you don’t. Put on more. You will be surprised at how quick your skin absorbs it under the hot stage lights. (Read: Best Onstage Pageant Makeup for Blue Eyes)

7. “How am I supposed to get dressed this fast?!”

This is a thought that happens at the first wardrobe change. If you are lucky, you will have three minutes between most categories to completely change. This time crunch alone provides an adrenaline rush that is unreal. It is a feeling you cannot imagine until you actually experience it.

There will be glitter, shoes and undergarments flying everywhere backstage. It is the best kind of organized chaos in the world. Everyone is zipping everyone else up, fastening hooks and fluffing out evening gown trains. In the end, everyone wants each other to look and do their best. (Read: How to Prepare for Your First Pageant)

6. What is butt glue and why do I need it?

The real question should be, “How did I ever live without butt glue?” If there is a swimsuit competition, this is your best friend. The clear, spray-on adhesive keeps your swimsuit bottom in place while you strut on stage.

There are a lot of sassy and slightly exaggerated moves in a swimsuit walk. A swimsuit is not going to just stay in place. The glue will keep your bottoms where they are supposed to be. The last thing you want it to be walking on stage and have your swimsuit ride up. (Read: How to Apply and Remove Butt Glue)

5. You glue your eyelid shut

If this is one of your first times applying false eyelashes, this is bound to happen. Applying fake eyelashes is not easy. If you combine this with the nerves of the day, it can be twice as difficult.

Applying eyelashes takes practice. Sets are generally inexpensive, so you can buy a few to use for practice. However, if you find yourself with a shaky hand the day of the pageant, just ask and surely someone will help you! (Read: False Eyelashes 101 for Pageant Girls)

4. You will get nervous

You may notice it when you wake up the morning of the pageant or it may not start until closer to the competition. Regardless, at some point, you will get nervous.

Even contestants who have performed on stage for years experience this. It is one challenge to perform in a theater production or dance recital, however, pageants are completely different.

You are not playing a role. You are playing you. That is incredibly brave but understandably nerve-wracking! (Read: 6 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your First Pageant)

3. “I cannot see the judges. Where are they? I think they are over there, maybe?”

You will constantly be told you will be barely able to see the audience or judges during the actual pageant. It is true.

During dress rehearsal, you will be told where the judges will sit so you know the direction to look. However, the stage lights are blindingly bright. You will typically be able to make out outlines and vague facial features but not much else.

The judges will be the closest to the stage. The good news is that if the judges are barely visible, you will not be able to see the audience. Preforming in front of a big audience can be nerve wracking. However, once you realize you cannot see their reactions, you relax and preform as if no one is watching. (Read: How To Win First Place In A Pageant)

2. Your feet will hurt more than you think.

Running around in heels starts to hurt after awhile. The day of the pageant, you will be doing a lot of this. There will also be a lot of standing and waiting in said heels.

By the end of the night, your feet will be screaming at you. No matter how many hours you wear heels in everyday life, there is nothing like doing it for a pageant. Bring Band-aids and a comfortable pair of flats or sandals for after. (Read: 10 Simple Ways to Practice Walking in High Heels)

1. “I did it!!!!!”

After the awards have been given out and the new queen is announced, you walk backstage to change out of your beautiful gown back into normal clothing. As you do this, it hits. You just competed in a pageant. You may have even won an award or placed. Congrats! (Read: Top 5 Tips for First Time Pageant Girls)

You put in tons of hard work and dedication to your performance. You did your absolute best. Take in the moment. You deserve it!

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