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10 Perks That Will Entice More Contestants to Participate in Your Pageant

USA National Miss Titleholders enjoying the sun. Photo/Karolyne Schmitt
USA National Miss Titleholders enjoying the sun. Photo: Karolyne Schmitt

When deciding what pageant to compete in this year, especially if you are looking for a new system, it is a great idea to look into the perks of participating.

Pageants are not inexpensive, so making sure you get your monies worth will help you enjoy the experience.

Successful systems and directors know this, so they will do anything they can to ensure their delegates have a memorable experience. In fact, Jackie Watson, Founder and Executive Director of USA National Miss, receives a lot of compliments from her titleholders for the pageant experience she and her team are able to offer.

10 Perks That Will Help Entice More Contestants to Participate in Your Pageant

1. Amazing, all-star panel of judges.

Having a panel of judges whom you can be confident can pick a great titleholder makes a great impression to potential delegates. (Read: How Do Judges Score Beauty Pageants?)

“This year we have Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014 and first runner-up to Miss Universe; Raquel Pelissier, Miss Haiti and first runner-up to Miss Universe 2016; Leah Sykes, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2014; Migbelis Castellanos, Miss Venezuela 2014 and Top 10 at Miss Universe; Sheniqua Robinson, Miss Virgin Islands America 2010; and others,” Watson said.

Providing a woo-worthy panel of judges is definitely a draw for contestants. It is great to be judged by someone you consider a role model and look up to.

2. Vacation-like atmosphere.

Ensuring that your pageant’s downtime provides your contestants the opportunity to enjoy a bit of a vacation amidst the pageant week is a great incentive to participate. USA National Miss has always been a “destination pageant” and contestants appear to really love that. (Read: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pageant Location)

“UNM is being held at an exclusive, luxurious, gated beach resort where you get a private concierge at the beach who brings you whatever you want,” Watson said. “This is the life! Truly fit for a queen.”

3. Mix and mingle with incredible pageant celebrities.

Not only is a celebrity panel of judges wonderful, but the chance to meet pageant insiders is also an incredible opportunity to participate.

This year, designer Ashley Lauren is hosting a Derby-themed cocktail party with the delegates and is also looking for her next social media model. Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011 is the final show’s host. “Delegates will have a meet and greet with the national judges who are a powerhouse of pageant celebrities,” Watson said.

4. College scholarship opportunities.

Many contestants get involved with pageants for the scholarship opportunities. Recognizing this, UNM also offers scholarships to qualified delegates. (Read: Pageant Question About Why You Chose Your Pageant System)

“UNM is partners with Troy University and offers full-ride college scholarships to delegates who meet the academic criteria for this incredible $30,000 and $60,000 award,” Watson said.

5. Incredible sponsors and a stacked prize package.

Just as the experience of a pageant is important when choosing a system, the prize package is a great bonus, too.

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars are awarded to the national queens in travel, wardrobe, jewelry, gifts, services and more,” Watson said. “This year, the USA National Miss prize package includes a long list of over 100 items the royalty will receive, valued at $300,000!”

6. Travel internationally and across the country.

Not only is the opportunity for scholarships and meeting influential people and enticing reason to get involved in pageantry, the chance to travel and have an impact worldwide is also a great reason to participate. (Read: Pageant Question About Safe Traveling)

“UNM national queens travel extensively across the USA promoting UNM and the official platform, ‘The Crown CARES, Creating a Respectful Environment in Schools,’ as well as being treated to an international cruise,” Watson said.

7. Professional photo packages are given to all delegates for FREE!

Having great photos to celebrate your accomplishments can be hard and expensive to get. So, when it comes as part of your entry fee, you can be sure to have great photos to look back on in the future – without breaking the bank. (Read: What Should Be Included in a Pageant Photo Package?)

“UNM pays for it. No more spending hundreds of dollars to get your pageant memories. They’re part of the UNM experience,” said Watson. “You get all your photos from the three areas of competition paid for by us.”

8. Learn to work the runway like Miss Universe.

It’s not just the judges, sponsors and hosts that you’ll get to meet at UNM. You’ll also be able to get some great training from an amazing pageant insider while at UNM. (Read: The Philippines Will Not Host Miss Universe 2017)

“UNM flies in Miss Universe runway coach, Grace Fontecha, from Puerto Rico to work with our delegates prior to the national runway competition,” Watson said. “Grace has trained five Miss Universe winners.”

9. Promoting a positive sisterhood.

When your national platform supports eradicating bullying, you can be sure that the system itself supports a mutually supportive sisterhood. (Read: Why Sisterhood is Important in Pageantry and How to Create It)

“UNM is known as the trendy, kind sisterhood,” Watson said. “All are welcomed and all are embraced. The positive and happy vibes are a great stress reliever during nationals week as it’s like a big family reunion.”

10. Multiple and diverse opportunities!

Having a pageant experience with a broad range of opportunities and experiences makes the entire event last longer than pageant weekend alone.

“The UNM national crown comes with some amazing opportunities to have personal time with Miss USAs, Miss Americas and Miss Teen USAs, as well as modeling opportunities for fashion designers, travel opportunities, national publicity and news articles/opportunities,” Watson said.

USA National Miss

If you want to get involved in a pageant system that has so much to offer and strives to develop and celebrate well-rounded contestants and titleholders, USA National Miss has state, territory and regional titles available. Some areas offer preliminaries, but at-large titles are also available.

Titles are available for girls and ladies ages 4-25.

Just visit the website, click on your state and discover how to represent it at USA National Miss.

USA National Miss Nationals take place at Boca Resort and Beach Club in Boca Raton, Florida, on July 10-15, 2017.

Going Forward

When choosing a pageant system to compete in, be sure to consider what is important to you. If you just want a weekend, one-day commitment, then look for that. But if you want an experience that really expects you to make a difference and supports you in doing so along the way, consider USA National Miss.

If stuck between a few systems, make a pros and cons list of each and weigh the differences to find which one is the best fit for you. (See our pageant directory to find your perfect system!)

Good luck!

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  1. I am so honored and blessed to be the official photographer of USA National Miss . This is my 5th year working with the pageant and I could not ask for a better organization, director and contestants/parents to work with. #unmfamily

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