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12 Makeup Bag Essentials for Pageant Girls

Makeup artist Angel Reyes touches up Ms. Royalty International 2017 after her win. Photo: Facebook

Makeup is essential for pageant girls when it comes to competing. Even in a natural pageant, stage lights can be harsh and unforgiving, so a little makeup can be necessary to let your natural beauty shine through.

There are some items that every pageant girl should have in her makeup bag. If you want to be more prepared for your first or next pageant, read on to see what we think are your 12 must-have items to have in your pageant makeup bag.

12 Makeup Bag Essentials for Pageant Girls

1. Foundation

You can’t build anything without a solid foundation, and pageantry is no exception. For the stage, you’ll want a full-coverage foundation to give your skin a nice, even tone on stage.

My personal favorite full-coverage foundation is the Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation. Just a small drop can cover your entire face flawlessly. Savannah Miles, Miss Georgia South Teen USA 2018, recommends  Gaspar Cruz Foundation Sticks. Gaspar Cruz is a makeup artist who developed a cosmetic line specifically for pageant girls!

Also, when choosing a foundation for the stage, avoid foundations with SPF. The way SPF works is it reflects the sunlight off of your face. Therefore, if you have a foundation containing SPF on stage, it will reflect the harsh stage lights off of your face and make you look shiny while on stage or give your face a white cast (and no one wants to be shiny on stage!). (Read: 5 Best Full Coverage Foundations for Pageantry)

2. Setting Powder

Speaking of being shiny on stage, whether your skin is naturally oily or not, your pageant makeup bag absolutely has to have setting powder. There are several kinds of setting powder – so many that I could write an entire article just on the proper use of different types of setting powders.

For a crash course in setting powder, there are two main types: tinted and translucent. Tinted powders are usually tinted to a specific skin shade and act as a second foundation, whereas translucent powders go on clear.

If you are baking your face (applying concealer and setting powder under your eyes to brighten) you’ll want a powder that doesn’t cause ashy flashback. No one wants to be a ghost white under their eyes in photos.

Some great setting powders include the ever popular Luxury Banana Powder by Ben Bye, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, and one of my personal favorites, Makeup Forever Ultra HD Loose Powder.

3. Lashes

This is a beauty pageant; you’ve got to have lashes! There are also a ton of different types of lashes to choose from, from luxury to bargain and everywhere in between.

When on stage, full-glam lashes are usually more well-read under bright lights, but under normal lighting or when up close and personal with the judges, natural lashes are a must.

Want super on trend and fleeky lashes? You have to get you some mink lashes, girl! Mink is the new black. (Read: How to Style Mink Lashes)

Shades of Blush studio shows off make up on Miss Central Pennsylvania 2017 pageant contestant. Photo: Shades of Blush Studio
Shades of Blush studio shows off make up on a Miss Central Pennsylvania 2017 pageant contestant. Photo: Shades of Blush Studio

4. Lash Glue

You can’t put on lashes without lash glue. This is so obvious, but yet so many girls at pageants walk around the dressing room searching for lash glue.

Try to purchase lashes that come with lash glue already so you’re sure not to forget. Also, while not technically lash glue, Salon Pro Hair Extension Glue is super cheap and lasts a super long time. Plus, it’s black and not white, because who has white lashes? Nobody, that’s who.

5. Mascara

Does this even really need an explanation? You need mascara; no matter how old or young you are, mascara is an absolute must. There really are some great mascara’s out there today.

My favorite mascara is Better than Sex by Too Faced, which was recommended to me by Courtney Smits, Miss Georgia Collegiate 2016, and now I’m recommending to you because the name does not disappoint!

Makeup Artist Ebony Williams puts mascara on Madyson Fraime before pageant. Photo: Facebook
Makeup Artist Ebony Williams puts mascara on Madyson Fraime before a pageant. Photo: Facebook

6. Bronzer

Stage lights are super bright and super white. They can easily wash you out and make you look like a ghost on stage, and that’s absolutely scary! To avoid looking like a ghost on stage and to instead look like a golden goddess, be sure your makeup bag includes at least one bronzer or bronzer kit.

My favorite bronzer isn’t actually a bronzer, it’s a highlighter, but it works great as both! The Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills is highly pigmented and looks fantastic on stage! Plus, it comes with four shades! (Read: What is the Best Bronzer for Your Skin Color?)

7.  Lips

Lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick, something! You need something on those lips for a pageant and it needs to be in your pageant bag. The best pageant lip is a neutral one in a pink or nude shade, depending on your skin tone. Yes, your skin tone does determine what shade of lipstick looks best on you.

If you don’t know what shade to get, its best to see a pageant makeup professional. They can usually recommend not only a shade that looks great on you but also one that looks great on stage.

Plus, did you know that you can get the exact same lips as Miss America 2018, Cara Mund? Well, you can, thanks to award-winning makeup artist Meredith Boyd. Her cosmetics line is literally made for Miss America’s, PLUS it smells like mints! So now you can get Cara’s Lip Trio to look and feel like Miss America!

Meredith Boyd puts finishing touches on Cara Mind at the Miss America pageant. Photo: Facebook
Meredith Boyd puts finishing touches on Cara Mund at the Miss America pageant. Photo: Facebook

8. Mints and Snacks

Okay, so pageants can be ridiculously and notoriously long. From getting up before the sun to go get hair and makeup to that final crowning moment deep into the night, you’ll probably get hungry somewhere between interviews and rehearsals.

Having a few mints or a nutrition bar in your makeup bag that you can pop in your mouth while touching up your makeup can literally be a lifesaver! Sometimes, you’re so busy that finding time for a full meal is hard, and getting it to you can be even harder. So it’s always best to have something in your makeup bag to hold you over until you can get lunch or dinner.

9. Eye/Lip/Brow Pencil

This is your saving grace. Typically, you purchase a pencil for your eyes, then one for your lips, and then one for your brows. However, it’s 2017, and we have all gotten savvy to “makeup hacks.” One of them is having a pencil in a shade that can save the day in more areas than one.

A good neutral shade is best for this trio, and the great part about it is that you’ll be saving some time and cash by only having to deal with one pencil instead of three! Check out the Sisley Phyto Sourcils Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in our store! It’s a great shade, plus has a brow brush on the end! Bonus!

Miss Texas USA 2017, Nancy Gonzales gets her makeup done by The Perfect Face at the Miss USA pageant. Photo: Miss USA
Miss Texas USA 2017, Nancy Gonzales gets her makeup done by The Perfect Face at the Miss USA pageant. Photo: Miss USA

10. Setting Spray

We already know how long pageants can be. Like all day, or like a month if you want to be Miss World. So, you need makeup that can last that long.

How do you get makeup that can last that long? You use setting spray! Just lightly mist your face when you finish your makeup and your makeup will not move all day long.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray works wonders for pageants! Just one spray and you’re touch-up free all day long!

11. Hair Spray

Hairspray isn’t technically a makeup product, but it still belongs in your makeup bag. A pageant girl cannot survive the competition without it. Well, her hair won’t survive, that is. (Read: Top 3 Affordable Hairsprays for Pageantry)

Having a good hairspray in your bag, even if you’re not doing your own hair, is crucial. Having a travel-sized bottle is perfect for a little spritz and scrunch backstage or in between areas of competition. Believe me, your hair will thank you later.

My favorite hairspray is Bronner Brother’s Pump it Up! This spritz has been around ever since I can remember, and once you spray it, your hair does not move. The best part is that it’s not expensive at all!

Miss Universe 2017 shows off her Chi hairspray at the Miss Universe pageant. Photo: Modern Salon
Miss Universe 2017 shows off her Chi hairspray at the Miss Universe pageant. Photo: Modern Salon

12. Concealer

A little concealer can go a very, very long way. Pageantry is full of super late nights and extremely early mornings. It can take a toll on your skin and cause dark circles or blemishes. Luckily, concealer can save the day.

A little concealer under your eyes can brighten your entire face. You can also use concealer as a highlighter and it’s great for contouring! You can literally do an entire face with just concealer. It is an absolute must-have in your makeup bag. (Read: The Best Way to Apply Your Concealer)

Slaying the Stage

Now your makeup bag is filled with essentials so you can beat your face and slay the stage!

Plus, here is a translation for all of the pageant moms reading this: “Your daughter’s makeup bag is complete; now she can create a full face of makeup that is pleasing to the eye and then continue on to perform well on stage.”

What is your must-have makeup item for your pageant makeup kit? You know we’ve got to know, so you should leave it in the comments below! Who knows, it may become our new favorite thing!

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  1. I also recommend Superhero mascara by IT. The product really adds a lot of length and volume.

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