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2016 Miss American Coed Chesapeake State Pre-Teen Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Mya Durham, 2016 Miss American Coed Chesapeake State Preteen - Photo: Pageant Paparazzi
Mya Durham, 2016 Miss American Coed Chesapeake State Preteen. Photo: Pageant Paparazzi

2016 Miss American Coed Chesapeake State Preteen Evening Gown

Mya Durham, 2016 Miss American Coed Chesapeake State Preteen, looked absolutely ethereal in her white chiffon evening gown at the 2016 Miss American Coed pageant!

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The Color

White screams effortless femininity and tasteful poise. This was an excellent color choice for a Preteen contestant.

Mya’s darker complexion and gorgeous brown hair truly light up against this soft hue.

The Silhouette

Mya’s evening gown features a ball gown silhouette, illusion mesh cap sleeves, a waistband seated right above her natural waist, and gold and crystal detailing throughout the bodice.

I love a higher neckline on younger contestants. It keeps the look age appropriate and youthful. Paired with the illusion mesh cap sleeves, this gown shouts Preteen.

As for the waistline, this gown hits Mya at the smallest part of her waist, perfectly accentuating her frame. It does a great job at giving off the illusion that she is taller than she really is.

The beaded bodice allows for a continuous flow from top to bottom. This impeccable transition also helps to elongate Mya’s body rather than blocking her off and consequently shortening her frame.

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The Styling

Mya opted to keep her short locks down, sitting on top of her shoulders. I think this is a great choice because it allows for the gown’s detailing to speak for itself without being overwhelmed by too much styling. This hairstyle allows for the focus to remain on what is important: the gown and the contestant wearing it.

The Verdict

Needless to say, this gown is a HIT for me! Great choice, Mya.

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Make sure to weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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