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233 Practice Pageant Questions

Do you know why ThePageantPlanet.com started? In 2005, when our founder was first exposed to the industry of pageantry he quickly realized that pageantry was expensive…VERY expensive. The Pageant Planet is his solution to help reduce those expenses.

Free Practice Pageant Questions

These professional practice interview questions will help you nail your pageant interview and “wow” the judges. Pageant Planet staff members have personally asked these interview questions when serving as judges and others we have gathered from the titleholders whom we have interviewed and VIP members whom we have coached.

We’ve also discovered that other pageant judges download these questions and use them in too!

So enjoy our free gift to you and though they are free please do not overlook the value.

Contestants pay anywhere from fifty to several hundred dollars for the practice pageant questions that you are about to receive completely free. In addition to these pageant questions you’ll gain access to our private email list where you’ll get some of the best coaching tips that we’ve learned from interviewing the most successful men and women coaches, directors, judges and titleholders in pageantry.

Good luck and as always…We are cheering for you!

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