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3 Best Makeup Styles for People with Blue Eyes

Lauren Roush, Miss West Virginia USA 2017 - Photo: Ashley Singh Photography
Lauren Roush, Miss West Virginia USA 2017 – Photo: Ashley Singh Photography

Makeup styles are constantly changing in the beauty industry and in the pageant world. No matter what color eyes you have, it can definitely be a struggle to figure out what to try for your eyeshadow!

Here are some ideas and steps you could use to achieve gorgeous eyeshadow styles for your blue eyes! (Read: Glam Holiday Pageant Makeup Tutorial)

3 Best Makeup Styles for People with Blue Eyes

1. Rose Gold Eye Shadow

Photo: stayglam.com
Photo: stayglam.com

Rose gold is the color that everyone is looking for this year! If you have blue eyes, this color is perfect for any makeup look you may want to achieve. This stunning color with make your eyes absolutely pop, no matter what way you use it!

2. Warm Eyeshadow Look

Photo: stayglam.com
Photo: stayglam.com

Warm colors are complementary to every eye color. The shades, no matter what they are, are welcoming when they have warm undertones. When it comes to your gorgeous baby blue’s, sticking to warm browns, coppers and oranges are going to be beneficial if you are looking to make your eyes pop! (Read: How to Pop in Pastel Blue for Pageants)

You can choose to add shimmer or keep the look matte. No matter what way you use warm colors, they surely will make your eyes pop and give a welcoming and warming look to your whole style and makeup look that day!

3. Gold Eyeshadow

Photo: stayglam.com
Photo: stayglam.com

Gold eyeshadow is a favorite for the pageant world for sure. Gold stands out on stage and also for fashion looks. The great thing about gold is that it can be styled in so many different ways. You can make the gold look more simple, or make it pop more! If you want a gold look that will stand out more, try a loose pigment to pack on your eyelid before you put on eyeliner and false lashes. (Read: Everything You NEED To Know About False Eyelashes)

We hope that this article gave you some ideas for your gorgeous blue eyes. (Read: 5 Makeup Styles for People with Green Eyes)

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