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3 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

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Chelsea Caswell in the Miss USA Pageant

Its two to four weeks to your competition. Whether or not you have a swimsuit portion, you want to look and feel your best. What can you do get those last stubborn five pounds to budge? I’ll share three quick tips.

Be Real With Your Eating Habits

Keep a daily log of everything you eat. I mean every little thing! This includes those breath mints and gum, that small piece of chocolate, that “just one bite” of what ever. Keep your food real also. Only eat food that you can recognize where it came from. Stick to lean cuts of meat and whole fruits and vegetables. No processed anything! If you can’t make if from scratch, don’t eat it! You can go vegetarian or even vegan, but make sure you get plenty of protein. The protein is so important for your brain function and you want to be clear headed for interview. What ever you do, keep up your caloric intake. This is not the time to go on a starvation diet!

Do You Need Spot Treatment?

Is there just one area of your body that needs a little extra help? Is your stomach a little pouchy or you need a little extra off your thighs? A simple, quick and inexpensive treatment is “It Works” wraps. The feature picture is a friend of mine’s real before and after pictures. I have personally used these and know they work. It won’t help you loose ten pounds, but it will help a spot treatment area and tighten the skin temporarily. I recommend these two weeks before your pageant because they can take up to three days to reach their full potential.

Cleansing Can Help Loose Weight All Over

I have tried several cleanses in the past, some come in a can and others involve a home concoction. Of all the cleanses that I have done, the one I now recommend is Go Cleanse by Isagenix. I started a cleanse nine days before I competed in June. I lost seven pounds and felt great by the start of the pageant. The best part is that, even though I have returned to my normal eating habits, I have only gained back about three pounds. This is an easy cleanse to do and it won’t chain you to a bathroom because it isn’t just a colon cleanse. If you do order it, let them know I sent you.

I recommend these options only if you have a small amount of weight you want to loose before your next pageant. None of these are long term solutions and even the cleanse warns you not to go more than 11 days on it. These are only short term solutions that I personally know work and endorse. I hope that one of these will help you connect with the crown.

Which dress do you like better?

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