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35 Wives Travel to South Africa to Compete for Mrs World Crown

Traditionally, married women have taken the accomplishments of their husbands as their own, and their ability to make a house a home and raise children have become society’s markers on how successful they are as women.

Fortunately, this is 2017, and while some cultures still hold these archaic values as true, one pageant (ironically thought by many to be “outdated and anti-feminist” to quote a famous pageant flick) instead celebrates the accomplishments of women who just happens to be married.

Mrs. World

Mrs. World brings married women from all across the world each December to compete for the prestigious title of Mrs. World and was ranked number one on Pageant Planet’s list of Top 10 Mrs. Pageants of 2016.

Getting its start with Mrs. America, the Mrs. World pageant began in 1984 and seeks to crown what David Z. Marmel, CEO and President of Mrs. America and Mrs. World, considers the “greatest natural resource: the contemporary married woman.”

Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 headshot. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World
Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 headshot. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World


Mrs. World 2017

This year, 35 women, including three from the United States, are gathering in Johannesburg, South Africa, to compete for the title Mrs. World 2017 on December 16, 2017. (Read: Mrs. America Selects Additional Contestants to Compete at Mrs. World_

One delegate vying for the crown came a bit late to the party after taking over the crown for her country. But her credentials are certainly putting her well within the running. (Read: Mrs. Vietnam World Announces First Runner-Up as Mrs. World Representative)

Mrs. Vietnam World

Hana Tran, Mrs. Vietnam World, was born in Vietnam but is certainly a student of the world. She is currently a yoga teacher and fashion designer and holds multiple degrees, including a Masters from Marangoni Fashion Design Institute in Milano, Italy.

“She’s very active, energetic, positive and ambitious with big goals and dreams,” said Kelly Tran, Mrs. Vietnam Director. “A passion of hers is finding happiness in others. It is because of this passion that she has pursued teaching yoga and fashion designing, as they not only help people improve their health and their appearance but their confidence and happiness as well.”

Having raised two children, H. Tran now devotes her time to societal activities, fashion shows and volunteering with World Vision, Helping Link, Compassion with Fashion, CanCan Cancer Organization, Cooking and Feeding the Homeless.

“She is a loyal, patient and hard-working person who is willing to face challenges and conquer her fears,” K. Tran commented. “She’s not afraid of failure since she believes everything happens for a reason and she can learn from her mistakes to become a stronger and wiser person.”

As a fashion designer, H. Tran put her skills on display when she designed her own national costume and competition wardrobe for Mrs. Vietnam World 2017. (Read: Mrs. Vietnam 2016 Enchants the Mrs. World Stage with Her National Costume)

In addition to preparing to compete at Mrs. World, H. Tran is working on her new collections for New York Fashion Week and hopes to bring her stylish creations to her hometown in Vietnam and to Singapore, New York, Shanghai, Seattle and other fashion hot spots throughout the world.

Her ultimate dream though is to build a home center for orphans and disabled children that will not only provide basic needs but give them an education that will suit their talents and create jobs for them in the economies of the future.

“She believes in Karma and that we are all connected no matter where you are from, what nationality we are, or which region we belong to; we’re all one big family,” K. Tran explained. “We share the same air, the same Earth, and therefore we should care, support and love each other.” (Read: Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 Beauty Pageant Focuses on Local Community Service)

Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 arrives in South Africa for Mrs. World. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World
Mrs. Vietnam World 2017 arrives in South Africa for Mrs. World. Photo: Mrs. Vietnam World

Why Mrs. World?

Women ultimately have the biggest influence on the future of our world as wives, mothers, homemakers and largely holding positions in fields such as education.

Because of this, women like those who are competing together at Mrs. World are demonstrating the good in our world in a time when we may not see much of it. They come together in support of each other for one common goal. While they all want to win, they all want to make the world a better place for their children and the children of our world and future to be a part of.

Though they are competing against each other on stage, there is no doubt that behind the scenes, they are creating global friendships and learning from each other, and that is what makes pageantry so special.

Going forward

Interested in being a part of this long-standing pageant for married women? Visit the Mrs. World website for more information on becoming a delegate. Some countries have pageants and other titles are at-large.

Stay tuned to Pageant Planet via our social media @pageantplanet for Mrs. World updates and results and tune in to the Mrs. World website to see the livesteam of Mrs. World 2017 on December 16, 2017.

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