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The 5 Best Outfits From World’s Perfect Miss Pageant 2016

World’s Perfect Miss is one of the smaller international pageant systems, and their titleholders have some of the most fun and funky outfits out there! With the 2016 international pageant happening recently, we saw some amazing outfits. It’s important to always be confident in yourself and your competition wardrobe. Check out five super cute outfits that we’ve chosen to highlight from the pageant below!

Best Outfits From World’s Perfect Miss Pageant 2016

1. Northeast’s Perfect Petite Miss 2016

Sindy Withans, Northeast’s Perfect Petite Miss 2016 – Photo: Sindy Withans

Sindy Withans, Northeast’s Perfect Petite Miss 2016, looked casually chic in this awesome outfit at World’s Perfect Miss 2016! I love how she chose a simple, sexy top and paired it with casual, flowing bottoms. By completing this outfit with black heels, she gave it a more elegant and fun look. This outfit would definitely work for a titleholder on the go!

2. World’s Perfect Jr. Teen 2016

Nicole Blank, World’s Perfect Jr. Teen 2016 – Photo: Nicole Blank Instagram

Nicole Blank from Brazil won the title of World’s Perfect Jr. Teen 2016 and it’s no wonder why. Look at her bright and beautiful evening gown! The flowing, pink chiffon is a beautiful color and style for a titleholder of her age. I love all of the beading at the top of the dress because it brings all of the attention to her beautiful face and chic earring choice.

3. World’s Most Beautiful Preteen 2016

Brianna Avelar, World’s Most Beautiful Preteen 2016 – Photo: @briannaavelarofficial Instagram

With it being her second year coming back to World’s Perfect Miss and clinching the title of World’s Most Beautiful Preteen 2016, Brianna Avelar looked stunning during Wow Wow Wear! I love this neon 80’s look that she chose for the runway. The outfit is bright and youthful while also staying sophisticated. Pairing this bold outfit with nude heels was a great idea for a runway because they won’t take away from the main portions of the outfit while on stage!

4. Brazil’s Perfect Miss 2016

Heloine Moreno, Brazil’s Perfect Miss 2016 – Photo: Heloine Moreno

When I saw this outfit on Instagram, my jaw dropped. Heloine Moreno, Brazil’s Perfect Miss 2016, looked so beautiful and fun in this bold outfit! I love how simple the bottom half is with the matching, all-white pieces, but then when you get to her beautiful face, wow! All of the different elements that are highlighting her face definitely draw your attention to her beautiful smile. This outfit looks like it could be on the Miss Universe stage!

5. World’s Perfect Miss 1st Runner-up

Katie Nordhoff, World’s Perfect Miss 1st Runner-up – Photo: @kellytuckerdesigns Instagram

With the very popular trend of jumpsuits coming into the pageant world, Katie Nordhoff rocked this red, sequined one on the big stage. I love the bell-bottom pants on this jumpsuit because they make it stand out more than regular pants would. The different patterns in the red sequins keep your eyes engaged and looking at Katie and her beautiful face and glowing confidence.

The World’s Perfect Pageants are bold and fun! These ladies really gave us inspiration on outfits of all colors and styles. If you’re looking for a great evening gown like Nicole Blanks, check out the Pageant Planet Gown Gallery.

Or if Cindy Withans’ casually chic style is more your style, then the Pageant Planet Store has some amazing options for you! Good luck on your next pageant, ladies.

Which dress do you like better?

3 thoughts on “The 5 Best Outfits From World’s Perfect Miss Pageant 2016

  1. Too bad this system isn’t honest. The director chooses the winners behind the scenes. I have judged for him and personally witnessed him changing the judges results. He is a very personable, complimentary personality but beware, Bought scores after the pageant, asked the next day to have them emailed to me, guess whst? They completely changed over night. This pageant only proves one thing, pageants are just money makers. Thanks Michael for helping to ruin the integrity of pageants.

    1. I can understand your frustration, however, I have to disagree with you. My daughter competed and we watched each age division and I believe the winners were correct and deserving of the crown… and no my daughter did not win. Pageants are a business… period. If you had judged for him and felt this way I am confused as to why you let your daughter compete. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, maybe as a courtesy address it directly with Michael vs posting on an article that was meant to highlight these 5 girls. Just sharing my point of view.

  2. I have known Michael for years. My daughter has done quite a few of his pageants. She has placed in the top 5 the majority of the time. No, she has not “won”. Yet. And I don’t have a problem with that because the girls who did take home the crown truly deserved it. I have spent a lot of time with Michael over the years and I have NEVER witnessed him doing anything that would make me think that he’s dishonest. Quite the opposite. Michael has actually helped my daughter prepare for his pageants. He’s helped me choose the right dress and outfits. He’s given her tips on her routines… ! He is FAR FROM A CHEATER. He’s a class act all the way. He loves what he does and he would NEVER CHEAT A CHILD out of something they deserve.

    And I’ll sign my name!
    ♡ Beth and Chey

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