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5 Best Pageant Songs for a Soprano to Sing

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Singing is a popular pageant talent

Throughout my years of competing, it’s always been difficult to pick a song to sing for my talent. I am a soprano, and sopranos have a large number of songs to choose from, but that’s what makes it so difficult. Well after listening to countless tunes, I have narrowed it down to five spectacular songs that are perfect for sopranos (in no particular order).

1. “Nessun Dorma” – Giacomo Puccini

This song is a magnificent piece for any soprano to sing. In the past few years at Miss America we have heard a few girls sing this song, such as Miss Arizona 2011 and recently Miss Kansas 2013. Fox News noted that Miss Kansas 2013 Teresa Vail said, “I’ve never sang opera in my life.” But she taught herself how to sing by watching YouTube videos. This is something I don’t really recommend to girls looking to learn operatic singing, but it is a good start. Watch videos of others singing the song you wish to try, but get a coach to help you learn the rest such as techniques, breathing, etc. If you are a more operatic soprano singer, this piece is a great start for you.

2. “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – Dreamgirls

This is a song that is great for any soprano who is also good at belting. This piece has so much power and emotion behind it, it gives you chills every time you hear it. It’s been covered by many famous singers, but my all time favorite is the wonderful Jennifer Hudson. Hudson puts so much heart into this song, it almost makes you feel her pain and her love for the man she doesn’t want to let go of.  If you are the type of soprano who loves a good belting song, then this is the best choice for you.

3. “Home” – The Wiz

“Home” is a great theatrical song that has been covered by many famous faces, and my favorite is Kristin Chenoweth. She is a beautiful soprano who sings this song on an episode of Glee. She puts it in a key that is best suited for higher sopranos, but with hard work, any soprano could whip this song out in a heart beat. This song needs a lot of emotion behind it, which gives you time to show your acting and singing. There are a few notes you can belt in here too, so if you find yourself wanting to go more towards the theatre route but still have a bit of belt, this song will do the trick.

4. “Because You Loved Me” – Celine Dion

It’s never to easy singing songs by Celine Dion, but if you can master a song of hers, then you have the title in the bag. This song is great for sopranos; it has high belting and long drawn out notes that can make your voice almost sound angelic. I recommend every soprano should learn at least one Celine Dion song. It’s very difficult, but once you learn it and make the song your own, it’s amazing how far it can take you.

5. “Popular” – Wicked

Wicked is a musical many pageant girls pick songs from for their talent, which may mean they will be duplicates of talents. I picked this song because “Popular” is a hilarious song to give any soprano a chance to be a little silly and take over the stage. With this song you can be all over the stage and not look crazy, because that’s what the character does in the show. This song can be sometimes difficult for singers, because of the techniques you must master before performing the song. I have seen only one girl perform this song in the past few years I have competed and she was a hoot. She was in the MAOT division at MWVOT pageant this past year, and with her theatrical skills she won the hearts of us all. So if you pick this song, consult your vocal coach or whoever is helping you with your music to see what you need to improve on before taking on the task of becoming Galinda.

Many other songs other than the ones I’ve posted are just as good, if not better for you to perform, but these are my five favorites. What you must always remember is to make the song yours. Pick a song you can relate to, and really find emotion within. And most of all, pick a song you actually enjoy. You are going to be practicing and performing this song a ridiculous amount of times. If you don’t like your song, the judges can tell you’re unhappy and can see you’re not really into your song as much as they would like you to be. So practice hard and put your emotions into it.

Which dress do you like better?

4 thoughts on “5 Best Pageant Songs for a Soprano to Sing

  1. I feel there are much better selections for sopranos than these listed here. If you are thinking opera or classical, I would choose “Muzetta’s Waltz” from La Boehme , of perhaps “The Jewel Song” from Faust. Another favorite in that genre would be “If We Were In Love” from Yes Giorgio. If you are going for Musical Theater, perhaps “Much More” from the Fantastics, or “I Got Lost, but Look What I Found” from Annie Get Your Gun. So many of these others are simply done to death.

    1. Thank you George for the feedback! Great suggestions!

  2. Do you realize that Nessum Dorma is a “tenor aria”so please that for Andreas Bocelli. If I were judging i l would give that contestant would receive lowest marks possible. If you are going go classical sing an aria to your fach. The Jewel Song is for a colaratura and if you don’t have the ability to sing clean staccati on a high d or f. Also have clean runs and trills, leave it alone. There are many great arias for each voice. Now for the rest of the songs, know who is performer. Unless you can sing like the Jennifers and Celineleave

  3. Sorry leave those songs alone. My best advice is sing something that best shows off your voice.

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