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5 Fall Beauty Trends for Your Next Appearances

Many fall and winter appearances are right around the corner, from fundraising fun runs, to galas, and of course the upcoming holiday parties. No matter what pageant system you are involved in, your makeup and hair could use a little change up.

I’ve done the scouring for you, reading the latest beauty blogs and magazines to curate my favorite list of makeup techniques that not only translate into fall, but easily into upcoming appearances.  Needing ideas for makeup during a fall pageant? (Read: How To Create the Perfect Pageant Lip for Fall)

5 Fall Beauty Trends for your Appearances

1. Chroming

Instead of focusing on highlighting every day, try this new technique inspired by all things silver and gold, perfect for your holiday events.

First, apply your moisturizer, concealer and foundation as normal. You could even add a luminizing sheer liquid on the tops of cheekbones for extra wattage, specifically for night appearances.

Next, get a frosted lipstick – yes a lipstick, ladies! If you are a cool toned gal, look for a silvery frosted color, and if you are warm toned grab a champagne inspired lip hue. (For more tips based on your skin tone, read: How Do You Find the Right Evening Gown for your Skin Tone)

Sweep the lipstick down the cheekbone, from your temples all the way down to the tops of the apples of your cheeks.  Once you have a shimmery stripe, take a contouring brush or a domed foundation brush and start blending the stripe outwards, making the color blend seamlessly into your skin.

Tip: Don’t use a glittery color, the idea is to appear lit from within and reflect the light like a mirror would.

Mrs. Russia 2016, Mrs. World
Mrs. Russia 2016 Khramova Iuliia exemplifies the beautiful angles of her face with expertly applied chroming techniques during the evening gown finals at Mrs. World 2016. Photo credit: www.mrsworld.com

2. Ombré Lip Stain

This is a fun, fresh way to incorporate any berry, coral or red lip color into your fall look.

First, take foundation and cover your lips completely. Then take your color and press it into the center of your lips with your finger. Start spreading the color (again with fingertips) all the way out to the edges of your lips, diffusing the color as you go. Make sure the most concentration of color is in the center of your lips, gently fading out.

Apply a touch of highlighter on the cupid’s bow to accentuate the upper lip, and you are ready to perform your talent, meet and greet, or ring the bell for the Salvation Army.

ombré lips, stained lips, Rooney Mara
One of fall’s biggest lipstick trends is ombré stained lips. Try it with a bold color like Rooney Mara at the New York Film Festival. Photo credit: www.gettyimages.com

3. Untamed Brows

Thank goodness that natural brows are in!  Let your brows grow out and thankfully stop the over-plucking, only tweezing the outlying strays and especially any unibrow offenders.

Use a brow powder or pencil to fill in any sparse areas. If you use the pencil, use soft, feathering motions to keep the look natural. Next, brush the hairs up and out with a brow brush. Don’t worry if each hair isn’t perfect, that is the whole point.

Believe me, this look will help you seem more approachable by your community, especially by the tots you might be passing toys to.

ms. united states 2016
Mee-Ladie Delgado shows us her full brows while getting crowned as Ms. United States 2016. Photo credit: www.unitedstatesnationalpageants.com

4. Heavy Charcoal Eyes

Finally, an evening-ready eye look that isn’t the standby smoky eye (which don’t get me wrong, always has its place).  The heavily rimmed eyes will attract attention while setting the stage for your evening appearance as a titleholder.

Start by lining your eyes (the heavier the better with this look) and let the liner move as it will. I suggest starting with a black kohl pencil on the waterline and smudging it with either a brush or a q-tip as you reach the outer corners.

For added drama, use the kohl pencil on the top lid as well and blend it into your eye shadow.

Just look at Catherine Watters, Miss Gold Counties USA 2015 for inspiration. All of her headshots expertly show this smudged eyeliner, and if you need further proof that this look is stunning, Catherine also won Miss Photogenic at Miss California USA 2016 (not to mention was 1st Runner-up). Currently, she is also Miss Gold Coast USA 2016, competing again this December at Miss California USA.

Catherine’s advice for achieving this look?

“Practice and learn from professionals, watching online tutorials, and even receiving hair and makeup lessons from professionals.”

Her favorite go-to products are by MAC, both their liquid and pencil eye liner in dark brown.

Miss Gold Counties, Eyeliner, Miss California USA
Catherine Watters, Miss Gold Counties USA 2015 won Miss Photogenic at Miss California USA 2016. Not only stunning, but her smudged eye liner is a great fall makeup trend to try! Photo Credit: Miss Gold Counties Official Facebook

5. Peach Blush as Eye Shadow

Just because a makeup item is labeled for one portion of your face doesn’t mean it is absolutely meant for only one designated feature (see item number one above).

Using a peachy blush with a little shimmer as eye shadow will keep your complexion looking youthful, and as an added bonus it works for all skin tones and eye colors.

Wear this peachy color that will pick up the changing leaf colors by day with a nude lip, or amp it up with a crimson or cranberry shade at night.

Kat Dennings, peach eye shadow.
Kat Dennings modeling 2016’s trend of peachy eyes. Try a blush instead of eye shadow! Photo credit: Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage/Getty

These runway-inspired makeup trends will seamlessly translate into your appearances during the fall.

Need ideas on what to wear for your fall appearances? ( Read: 5 Appearance Outfits from Miss America 2017 for Your Wardrobe)

Do you have any questions about what makeup techniques are trending right now? Leave them in the comments section and stay tuned for future articles featuring the answers!

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