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5 Fashion Forward and Modest Gowns For Your Next Pageant

Who said modesty has to be boring? It’s 2017 and designers know how to help a woman show off her best Jackie O side no matter what she is doing, including competing in a pageant.

You don’t have to have a plunging neckline or a high slit to win a pageant. Maybe you’d feel more comfortable covering up those bat wings that you have yet to firm up in the gym. Maybe you’d feel best if you could perk up your breasts with a full-coverage bra. Whatever your reason, there is no shame in being modest on stage. (Read: How to Get Perfect Pageant Arms-Daily Fit Tip)

Designer Janique offers a modest line and it can be found at Stefania’s Boutique along with 14 other designers. Stefania’s also has over 1,500 dresses in stock.

5 Fashion Forward and Modest Gowns For Your Next Pageant

1. Appearance/Opening Number Look

Steal the show and catch the eyes of the judges with this sparkling cocktail dress. The ruching details of this dress will hide problem areas while accentuating curves.

Janique 1341 Photo/Janique
Janique 1341. Photo/Janique

2. Miss Universe Worthy Gold

Everything that glitters is gold, and this gown will certainly steal the show. It looks like it walked right off the Miss Universe stage but doesn’t give anything away. The detailing of this gown will definitely make you stand out on stage!

Janique JQ3602 Photo/Janique.
Janique JQ3602. Photo/Janique.

3. A Simple Jersey Dress

You can’t go wrong with this fabric in a pageant. It’s easy to pack and comfy to wear. This dress style is often seen with nude or mesh paneling but is done here with white to give it movement and modesty while directing the eye to your stunning smile.

Janique K6426. Photo/Janique
Janique K6426. Photo/Janique

4. Bold in White and Gold

White is the color of choice for many pageant contestants and it can be yours, too. The symbolic color of innocence and purity, a white gown is a perfect choice for a modest look. The gold neckline draws the eye up while providing flare to this otherwise simple gown, and the faux belted waist accents the slimmest part of the frame. (Read: How to Win in a White Gown)

Janique W993. Photo/Janique.
Janique W993. Photo/Janique.

5. Madam Butterfly

If you have a fun fashion or runway category to rock the stage in, this gown will certainly steal the show. This plain black dress offers a simple canvas for you to stand out while giving you a slim profile. The side panels offer the movement and interest for the butterfly to figuratively emerge and fill the stage with flair. Have fun in this gown and you’re sure to stand out in the crowd! (Read: What you NEED to Know to Increase Your Pageant Fun Fashion Score)

Janique W1632. Photo/Janique
Janique W1632. Photo/Janique

Going Foward

In order to truly feel comfortable on stage, you need to feel comfortable in your wardrobe. If you’re worried about it for any reason, it’s not the right choice and you should pick something else that you really have no hesitations about.

If you don’t feel comfortable in a “sexy” dress, then don’t get it. The judges don’t have to see you in order to “see” who you are.

Good luck, ladies!

Which dress do you like better?

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