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5 Makeup Styles for People with Green Eyes

Photo: Rick Martinez, Studio RM
Miss Blue Lakes USA 2017, Alexandria Kelly. Photo: Rick Martinez, Studio RM

With all of the different makeup styles we’ve seen throughout the years, it can be hard to narrow down what would look best for you. Different eyeshadow looks can make your eye color really stand out!

Here are some great eyeshadow looks for those of you with green or hazel eyes that will really help them to stand out.

5 Makeup Styles for People with Green Eyes

1. Matte Pink Eyeshadow

Photo: beautsoup instagram
Photo: beautsoup Instagram

Pinks and purples look amazing on any green eye shade! This pink matte shadow look is beautifully blended, and because it is matte, it makes the eyes shine a little more.

To achieve a look like this that will make your green eyes glow, start with any light pink eyeshadow and blend it into your crease. Then, work up the darkness of the shadow in your crease and make sure to blend it out. Use any matte light white or pink shadow on your eyelid, and any black eyeliner to create the perfect wing.

This look would even look great without the winged eyeliner! To add a little dimension, take a light shimmer shade and place that on the inner corner of your eyes, just for a highlight. (Read: How to Shape Your Eyebrows Based On Your Face Shape)

2. Purple Eyeshadow

Photo: makeupbyeva Instagram
Photo: makeupbyeva Instagram

Any purple or mauve colors look incredible on green eyes. This is obviously a bit more complex and glam, but it isn’t hard to achieve! The purple and green contrast is eye-catching and lovely. Every time I wear purple, mauve or pink eyeshadow, I get so many compliments on my hazel eyes!

This look requires a little more product, but it is super beautiful! Blend a skin tone shadow in your crease and lower lash line, then do the same thing with a bit of a darker pink/purple tone shadow. Next, take a deeper bright purple and place that all over your lid, and then blend some of that same shadow on your lower lash line.

For the sparkle and shine, take a purple/pink loose pigment and place it all over your lid, but not into the crease. To get the pigment to stick, you can use an eyelid adhesive or a glitter glue for the eyes. Use your favorite black liner for a winged liner, your favorite fluttered fake lashes, and use a white eyeliner pencil to put on your lower water line.

3. Gold Eyeshadow

Photo: loveyadearly instagram
Photo: loveyadearly Instagram

Gold smokey eyes or any gold eyeshadow looks fabulous on anyone. But the gold in this look really brings out green or hazel eyes!

For a look like this, build up the darkness of brown neutral colors in your crease, and make sure they are very well blended! Start with a light, skin tone shade and move up. Bring those crease colors all the way into the inner corner of the eye, blending them out so there is no harsh line. Then place a gold shimmer pigment all over the lid, avoiding the very inner and outer corners.

Make this look extra smokey with black eyeliner on the lower water and lash line. (Read: How to Style Your Pageant Makeup for Under $25)

4. Green Shadow

Photo: makenziewilder Instagram
Photo: makenziewilder Instagram

Green shadow with green eyes really makes the eyes pop! I love the green combination, and the green eyeshadow doesn’t have to be the exact shade of your eye color.

The photo above features a step-by-step tutorial on how to get this look! Make sure to blend the shadows so there are no harsh lines, and leave a small space between the brown shadow and the green shadow on the lid!

5. Brown Eyeliner

Photo: makenziewilder instagram
Photo: makenziewilder instagram

We typically see black winged liner, but brown eyeliner is stunning on green or hazel eyes! Trust me, I’ve tried it, and I prefer brown liner for a simple liner look!

Do what you would typically do for your winged liner, but use brown instead! Use some light brown shadow in your crease and blend it so there is a bit of soft dimension. Black false lashes will still go with this look, as well as black mascara!

I hope these looks gave you some inspiration for your next makeup look for your beautiful green or hazel eyes!

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