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5 Reasons to Compete in a Festival or Fair Pageant

AmeriFest Titleholders. Photo: AmeriFest Pageants
AmeriFest Titleholders. Photo: AmeriFest Pageants

Often festival and fair queens are mocked in media and even, at times, among other pageant contestants and systems.

This is because the name of the festivals or fairs themselves, which lend their names to the titles of the pageant queens, can sometimes be a bit silly sounding or leave outsiders wondering why they would have a queen to begin with. (Read: What You NEED to Know to Win a Festival Pageant)

However, it’s those silly names and pride in their titleholders that have become tradition in towns across America and festivals, fairs and celebrations have long been part of American life.

5 Reasons to Compete in a Festival or Fair Pageant

1. Pageant experience.

If you are new to pageantry, a festival pageant can be a great start to your pageant career. The number of contestants may vary depending on your state, festival popularity and if it is a preliminary to another system.

However, these are often limited to local girls competing, so it can really be a great way to spend time with some people you may or may not know.

2. Titleholder experience.

Not sure if you can balance the commitments of being a titleholder in a larger system with your other academics, careers or extra-curriculars? A festival title is a great option.

Depending on the title, you may only need to be present at festival events during the duration of the festival.

However, some festivals may require a larger commitment, including promotional and planning events leading into the following year’s festival and community appearances to promote the festival and its sponsors throughout the year.

Be sure to consider the commitment when deciding to compete. (Read: Pageant Question About the Appearance You Are Most Looking Forward to Making)

3. Opportunities for a state or national title.

Believe it or not, some festival titles are linked to larger systems, like Miss America, meaning your festival title could take you all the way to Atlantic City and the Miss America crown.

4. Community involvement and recognition.

A festival title is all about supporting the community that both supports and is supported by the festival’s namesake itself.

A festival is often celebrating something the area is known for agriculturally, culturally or historically, so it is a great opportunity to get involved, meet others and truly discover what makes your area so unique. (Read: Pageant Question About What Your State/Country is Known For)

Just as the people support the festival by visiting, they often support the titleholders and celebrate their successes long after their reign. You will always be known as Miss Festival 2017.

5. They are fun!

Pure and simple, competing in a festival pageant is fun. Yes, some may be local Miss America pageants with a lot of weight on your shoulders to hold up as you prepare for your state pageant, but some may have more traditional areas of competition and optionals, some may have your traditional pageant competition areas and a theme outfit area based on the festival, and some might just simply be one outfit based on the festival theme – it all depends.

But the overall goal is to have fun and celebrate – it’s a festival after all.

Mrs. U.S. Photo: Cook Designer Portraits
Mrs. U.S. Photo: Cook Designer Portraits



Appointed titles available for the AmeriFest U.S. National Pageant

Still looking for a pageant to compete in this summer? Not to worry, AmeriFest U.S. National Pageant has some opportunities for you to get involved.

“Join the pageant system that’s truly ‘more than just’ a crown or title but a national platform to make a difference and give back,” said National Director Dianne Turner.

What is it?

AmeriFest Pageants’ slogan, “More than just,” aims to describe the pageant’s mission of supporting titleholders from all over the country who go above and beyond in their communities. (Read: How to Promote Your Platform Through Community Service)

“It’s more than a crown, more than a title, more than a sash; it’s a real chance to make a difference,” Turner wrote in the “About us” section of the website. “To set an example to those younger than you; to teach these little girls the importance of serving and giving back. Truth be known, the younger ones are teaching all of us what a true giving heart is. Annually, these titleholders raise thousands of dollars and literally over 100,000 items and donations for shelters, pantries, cancer centers, Dream Factory, and so many more. This doesn’t even include the service hours put in.”

Why compete?

By competing at AmeriFest U.S. National Pageant, not only will you have a chance at a title and service to your community and country, but you’ll also have a chance to visit Dollywood and have a shot at Hollywood.

There will be a Hollywood producer on site during the pageant weekend with acting workshops, and six contestants will be handpicked to audition for upcoming movie roles.

Sound exciting? AmeriFest Pageant’s nationals are only a month away and take place July 28-30 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

How to compete

There are two ways to qualify for AmeriFest U.S. Nationals. The first is participating in a live state preliminary pageant.

The second is applying for an appointed title if your state does not offer a live pageant.

Additionally, a photo contest is available for some states that leads to the national competition. More information about the contest and state availability is located on the AmeriFest Photo Contest page of the website.

How to apply

All you have to do is choose whether you want a state-appointed title or a supreme state-appointed title.

Then, fill out the application and either pay the title fee in full or in two installments.

The state-appointed title is $100 and includes state monogrammed sash, a custom sash pin, a gorgeous round crown, national coupons and a press release. (Read: 10 Tips for At-Large Titleholders)

You will still need to pay the nationals fee.

The supreme state-appointed title is $400 and includes a rhinestone sash, a supreme crown, pageant coupons for nationals ($100), a national tote bag, and your $295 national fee paid.

Both titles allow you to make appearances.

Who can participate?

AmeriFest Pageants has titles for ages 0-60 with additional options for married women, single women, women with kids, and women who wear a dress size of 14 and up.

There is also a variety of optional contests and titles available.

Miss Teen U.S. Photo:
Miss Teen U.S. Photo:

Going Forward

A festival pageant allows you to get your feet wet and/or support a cause true to the heart of your community while supporting causes close to your heart.

Interested in competing in AmeriFest Pageants? Time is running out, so contact the national director Dianne by texting 859-625-8490 or email info@amerifestpageants.com.

They are also looking for experienced stated directors for the 2018 season.

For more information on how to get involved, contact AmeriFest Pageants.

Good luck!

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