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6 Tips for Cinderella Pageant Interview You Must Know

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Cinderella Pageants

Most pageant experts would agree that pageant interview is the most important component of competition. In any pageant system, doing well in the interview room can translate well over to the stage. Judges will remember you and be rooting for you if you impressed them during the interview process. Here are some tips to help you walk into and out of the Cinderella pageant interview with success.

Tip 1: Be Yourself

This should go without saying, right? I think some girls have the tendency to try to make themselves into what they think the pageant is looking for. For example, if they believe that the pageant is looking for a bubbly personality, they’ll act like someone they are not in that interview room. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being excited about the interview process—but you should always make sure that you are staying true to yourself. Judges can tell when you’re trying to act like someone you are not. Being genuine goes a long way.

Tip 2: Be Natural

Interview practice is great, but you’re also walking a fine line between being robotic and being natural. You should be comfortable enough with the interview process that you are relaxed and natural while still coming across as a professional future queen.

Tip 3: Know Yourself

Many questions asked in the Cinderella interview should be easy for you—favorite color, favorite book, why you want to be queen, etc. None of these should trip you up. Every so often a judge will throw in a trick question just to see how you think on your feet. Don’t get tripped up, just trust your brain. Go with the first answer that comes to mind. For practice, have a friend or family member ask you questions everywhere—in the car, at the dinner table, etc.

Tip 4: Have a Plan

Why do you want to win the Cinderella pageant? Make sure you have a plan for your reigning year ready. This will help to set you apart from other contestants. It shows the judges you have seriously thought about what you will do when you win.

Tip 5: Watch Your Nervous Habits

Tape yourself practicing interview. Do you roll your eyes up to the ceiling as if you’re looking for an answer? Play with your hands? Start every sentence with “well?” You can only pick up on these habits by watching yourself and being conscious of how to correct them.

Tip 6: Practice With Cinderella Pageant Interview Software

The Cinderella pageant system is an extremely popular one within the pageant community. The popularity of the system has caused us to create a custom software platform that will help your daughter prepare for interview. Our pageant interview software is designed to help girls competing in the Cinderella Pageant to outshine her competition in the interview room and on the stage. Read, “Become a VIP Girl” to learn more about how the software can help you win.

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