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5 Tips to Help Prevent You From Getting Stressed Out During Pageant Prep

Stephanie Chervenkov,miss md teen usa,miss maryland teen,miss usa
Miss MD USA 2012

During my experience with pageants, I’ve realized that getting stressed out comes easy if you don’t know the right ways to deal with it. Here are some of the tips that I’ve learned as Miss Maryland Teen USA 2012 to keep you stress free and a few (big) steps closer to winning your next pageant!

How to Reduce Pageant Training Stress

1. Deal with negatives efficiently.

From backstabbing “Pageant Pattys” to getting too short of a hemline, there can be a million and one things that could possibly go wrong. Negatives can arise at any time, causing tremendous stress if not taken care of properly. Something important to remember is not to stress yourself out when the issue is not in your control. Keep thinking positive thoughts always, this is not the end of the world.

2. Keep a list/journal.

We all know how exhausting pageant prep can be, so start early and keep a journal of all the things you need to get done. This will help keep you organized and get everything done in time with no hassle.

3. During pageant weekend, always know how to get in your “zone.”

Before getting on stage remember all of the things your pageant coach told you. You’re been working at this for months, maybe years, and getting caught up in the conversations other girls are making is not worth losing all of that. Close your eyes, stay quiet, and think about how you will perform once you get on the stage.

4. Take photos of all of the outfits you will be bringing with you on pageant weekend.

Include clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even hairstyles in the photos. This will prevent you from not knowing what earrings to pair with your favorite pumps for rehearsals. Make sure to refer to your photos when needed and getting ready will be twice as fast!

5. Be swimsuit ready 3-4 weeks before the pageant.

Getting our bodies pageant ready can sometimes be tough and stressful. Remember to see your trainer early in your pageant preparation and tell them the date of your competition. Being ready to compete in swimsuit a whole month before the competition gives you time to focus on other pageant related preparations. But don’t forget to keep working out during that time!

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help Prevent You From Getting Stressed Out During Pageant Prep

  1. Very nice breakout article Stephanie! Looking forward to reading more of your content.

  2. I love this article! I can’t believe it was your first article! Amazing! I do have a question, I’m not in ‘pageant shape’ yet. I’ve been working hard, but I have a Miss America local pageant on the 19th. If I stay confident with my body, do you think that I could still rock it over those who already have that body type? I’m confident in my body, because it’s a work in progress, but it’s not quite there yet. I guess, can confidence beat an already toned body?

  3. Melissa!
    This is a GREAT question! Why not ask it in the questions section of the Pageant Planet so you can get feedback from the whole family?

    My advice, confidence speaks so much louder than any words or toned body can! Rock it, girl! =)

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