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5 Tips to Increase Your Pageant Swimsuit Score

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Miss Minnesota

Swimsuit scores are a composite of many things.  Swimsuit scores are not only based on your body, but they are based on your beauty and the confidence you have while on the stage.  So what can you do to put everything together and have an above average swimsuit score?

5 Tips to Increase Your Pageant Swimsuit Score

1. Hair/ makeup

In swimsuit it is great to have a sexy look, as you are a girl in a swimsuit in a beauty pageant after all.  I think that big hair scores best with swimsuit.  I know a pony tail is more realistic of how you would have it styled in a swimsuit, but once again this is a beauty pageant.  Makeup should be kept as natural looking as possible with your eye color, and make sure your eyes and lips pop.

2. Confidence

They always say confidence is key and that’s definitely the ticket to scoring well in swimsuit.  Go out on the stage and show the judges how hard you worked to look as hot as you do in your swimsuit.  Believe me, the judges can definitely see the confidence in your face, especially through your smile.  Even if you are flexing super hard, don’t let them see it on your face.

3. Shoes

As many of you may have seen in the Miss America pageant, there were some swimsuit shoes that were not pageant swimsuit shoes.  They were unusual colors and had chunky heels.  Pageant swimsuit shoes should be nude or have clear heels and on occasion, a gold shoe will work as well.  The better the shoes blend in with your legs and skin tone, the longer it will make your legs look, because it does not cut off your leg line.  Make sure the heel height is something you can walk in as well.  You’re better off going with a three-and-a-half-inch heel and walking perfectly, than a five-inch heel and falling over on stage.

4. Abs

Everyone is striving for those six-pack abs.  Well, let me tell you, they are hard to get!  With a proper diet and fitness routine, they will take months to develop.  Please do not wait until the week before a pageant and think they will magically appear.  By having any sort of definition in your stomach, it shows the judges how hard you actually worked.  We all know abs aren’t made overnight and it will show dedication and discipline.

5. Pageant swimsuit

Having the perfect swimsuit is essential.  Whether you are going to wear a one-piece or two-piece, make sure the cut of the swimsuit is flattering to your body.  The string bikinis from Target are great for the beach, but not for a pageant.  There are so many pageant swimsuit designers out there that know how to make a swimsuit that is flattering on stage and will make you look amazing.  Along with the cut and style of swimsuit, make sure you pick a color that really pops on you.  I usually try and go for something that is the opposite color of my hair or skin, that way it can really stand out.  Make sure to go with a natural color palette when choosing a color, just because a swimsuit is neon and stands out, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice.

I hope you find these tips helpful for the swimsuit portion of your next pageant.  If you have any tips relating to mine, please comment below.

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