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6 Fun Fashion Styles You Haven’t Seen Yet

In the world of pageantry, there are many phases of competition that come together to create a great event. And as a competitor, you’ll need a killer wardrobe to help you stand out on the stage! (Read: What Colors Should You Wear in Fun Fashion Based on Your Hair Color?)

One of the most fun phases of competition is fun fashion, which I like to think of as casual wear’s “cool older sister.” But what does that mean? And, how does that translate into a wearable outfit? While everything you wear should reflect some aspect of your personality, fun fashion can rival interview with how much the judges can learn about you.

Here are some unique styles to inspire you the next time you are out shopping! All of these dresses are available at Dazzles Boutique.

6 Fun Fashion Styles You Haven’t Seen Yet

1. The Barbie Girl

You know what they say – a girl can never have enough pink! And your pageant wardrobe is no exception.

If you’re itching to be the next member of the Barbie Squad, try this beautiful hot pink, mermaid Mac Duggal gown! While it is floor length with a sweep-length train, we think this gown would look equally cute if cut to about knee length. It features a partially open back, a silver beaded belt and silver embroidered detailing over the hot pink felt-like fabric.

The Barbie Girl. Photo: Dazzle Boutique

2. The Rocker Girl

For the girls that like to spend their time jamming out to classic rock, channel your inner rockstar with this red (or black!) Mac Duggal outfit that features classic, long-sleeved gown details on one side, and a hot pants-and-bandeau combo on the other! The hot pants and bandeau are accented with black beading while the other side stays true to classic pageantry style. The neckline hooks on the left, making for a collared neckline. (Read: How to Pick the Right Red Evening Gown)

The Rocker Girl - Photo courtesy of Dazzle Boutique.
The Rocker Girl. Photo: Dazzle Boutique

3. The Elegant Young Woman

For all of our Audrey Hepburn-esq girls out there, we have the PERFECT romper for you! Open backed, long sleeved and covered in pearls? Sign us up! This black Mac Duggal romper is business on top and Breakfast at Tiffany’s party on the bottom with black satin bows that allow for clusters of pearls to hang and move with you. (Read: 10 Reasons You Should NOT Wear a Black Evening Gown)

The Elegant Young Woman - Photo courtesy of Dazzle Boutique.
The Elegant Young Woman. Photo: Dazzle Boutique

4. The Adventurous Type

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and your adventurous nature motivates you to seek out the next best thrill. In order to keep racing forward, you can’t be stopped by long layers of skirts, and Mac Duggal has the perfect answer: a romper with a detachable skirt!

This red romper features a halter neck that has gold chain link accenting. The neckline is accented in a multi-colored print, the same print as the detachable skirt, which closes in the front with six red buttons. And what could help your adventurous nature more than a skirt with pockets?!

The Adventurous Type - Photo courtesy of Dazzle Boutique.
The Adventurous Type. Photo: Dazzle Boutique

5. The Athlete

Here we encounter another young woman whose busy lifestyle can’t be held up by a skirt, and because athletes work so hard for their sports (and their equally incredible bodies), let’s show it off in a great two-piece, royal blue outfit! (Read: Pageant Question Of The Day: Sports)

This fun fashion outfit has a strapless, cropped top with lace detailing and blue stone work. What makes this top so exciting is the ball gown skirt that is attached along three quarters of the bottom hem line. And to top off this outfit, there’s matching royal blue lace tuxedo pants!

The Athlete - Photo courtesy of Dazzle Boutique.
The Athlete. Photo: Dazzle Boutique

6. The Sass Master

Being the Sass Master means that you can command attention with the drop of a hat or with a smart comment. Leave the judges wanting more of your sass in a lips and lipstick printed A-line ball gown. And the best part? There’s pockets! This dress is strapless with a straight neckline and a black belt with a bow to accentuate your waist. (Read: Fun Fashion Style Guide By System)

The Sass Master - Photo courtesy of Dazzle Boutique.
The Sass Master. Photo: Dazzle Boutique

These beautiful outfits are just the tip of the iceberg, as we have new items arriving seasonally. If you’re looking for something special to add to your pageant wardrobe, stop by Dazzle Boutique, your one-stop shop for all things pageantry!

Which dress do you like better?

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