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8 International Junior Miss Interview Tips You Must Know to Succeed

international junior miss,
Crowning moment for International Junior Miss Teen

International Junior Miss is becoming one of the most popular pageant systems out there, but it’s also relatively new. For this reason, girls may not be sure how to be prepared in interview. To get the details on how to succeed in this system, I talked to Catherine Kirkland, a former national Jr. Teen winner. She shared her best tips for how to nail the interview.

8 International Junior Miss Interview Tips You Must Know to Succeed

1. Be Confident in Who You Are

Catherine says that “Interview has always been my favorite phase of competition.” Having that positive attitude and excitement go enter the interview room makes it really easy and fun to talk to you.

Confidence is the key to a successful pageant interview. With confidence in who you are, you’ll be able to present yourself in the best light possible and the judges will really get to know who you are. (Read: The Difference Between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence You MUST Know for Interview)

2. Know That the Judges Want a Conversation 

Catherine says that the judges are not out to get you, but rather there to talk to you and carry on a conversation. Don’t assume that anyone is trying to trip you up, so just stay natural and relaxed for this entire competition.

Remember that the point of pageant interview is for the judges to get to know you. To do that they be able to have a conversation with you. So be personable and easy to talk to! (Read: How to Win Over the Judges in a Pageant)

3. Serve as a Role Model

Like several other national pageants, IJM has multiple levels of titles for girls of all ages. Remember that you’re going to be a role model not just for all contestants, but for your sister queens. Sister queens tend to stick together and attend events in this system, so you want to show off your ability to get along well with others.

Know how you are a role model now and how you could be a role model once you have the title as well. This shows judges that you don’t just have all these big plans to make a difference once you’ve won but that you’re already making a positive change. (Read: How To Be A Role Model)

4. Share Your Community Service

This system has an interview that tends to focus on your personal bio, especially community service. Catherine says that you need to be confident in sharing details about any community service you’ve been involved in. Remember that this is your time to shine, so don’t be shy in sharing all the great volunteer work you’ve done. (Read: Service Project Ideas for Pageant Contestants)

Before you head to your state or national pageant, do a quick review of all the goals you’ve achieved with your community service. This great exercise helps you recap and get excited. Even if you’re feeling stressed out, going through this process will help you get re-energized and thrilled to share your amazing accomplishments!

5. Be Passionate About IJM

Catherine shares that you need to be excited about IJM as a system and be ready to talk about why you want to represent this program. Know the history of IJM and what it would mean for you to hold a national title.

If you have never competed in this program before, do your research to learn as much as possible about other winners and past royalty. The more you know about the system, the more likely you are to be excited about representing the program.

6. Have a Marketing Plan

What’s the difference you’re going to make with a national title? Although some of the interview will focus on your current accomplishments and community service, you need to have an action plan for what you’ll do if you win the crown. You should be ready to talk about what you’ll accomplish over your year of reign.

Your marketing plan should include concrete goals, like number of schools you plan to visit, the number of girls you hope to recruit or other unique milestones you hope to achieve during your year of reign. When you leave the interview, the judges should be excited about all the amazing things you could accomplish during your year of reign! (Read: How to Become a Famous Pageant Girl through Marketing)

7. Show Off Your Fun Personality

One of the most important qualities you can bring to the table in an IJM interview is your personality. Remember that if you can make the judges laugh, there’s a great chance you’ll have a wonderful interview score and shoot right to the top of the competition.

8. Remain Fun Yet Poised

Even though you might want to let your guard down a little bit to show off that fun personality, but  you also want to come across as poised and professional. The judges will love learning about who you are, but they should also be able to picture you with the winner’s crown on. Make sure you celebrate all the hard work from your interview practice with polish! (Read: How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Pageant Goals)

Practice your interview before your next IJM pageant so that you can rise to the top of the competition.



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