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9 Classic Movie Stars Who Would’ve Rocked Pageant Talent Competitions

Carola Miller, Miss World Finland at the Miss World 2015 Talent Recalls
Carola Miller, Miss World Finland, at the Miss World 2015 Talent Recalls

Around the holidays I find myself watching classic Christmas movies. I’m not talking about claymation films (though those are fantastic, “The Year Without a Santa Clause” will forever be in my heart) but movies like “White Christmas” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

As I watched, I realized how talented these actors are. Which led to thinking about pageant talents. So, with the help of Mary, the Queen of Journalism, here are nine movie star actors that would’ve killed talent competitions. Follow their lead and you, too could perform your way into the hearts of everyone at your next competition. (Read: What to Do For Pageant Talent When You Don’t Have a Talent)

1. Rosemary Clooney-vocal (watch her in: “White Christmas”)
Don’t just sing it, perform it!

2. Charlie Chaplin-comedic performance (watch him in: “Easy Street”)
The walk is just as important as the talk

3. Judy Garland-musical theater (watch her in: “The Wizard of Oz”)
Control your voice like Garland and you’re sure to score high

4. Fred Astaire-tap dance (watch him in: “Funny Face”)
Precision. precision. precision. Especially if you’re tap dancing

5. Vivien Leigh-dramatic performance (watch her in: “Gone with the Wind”)
You feel, they feel. You cry. They cry. They applaud…any questions?

6. Gene Kelly-musical theater (watch him in: “Singing in the Rain”)
Skill + personality = win

7. Ginger Rogers-dance (watch her in: “42nd Street”)
Two words: eye. contact.

8. Lucille Ball-comedic performance (watch her in: “I Love Lucy”)
It’s all about facial expressions

9. Bing Crosby-vocal (watch him in: “White Christmas”)
Matching your costume to your performance is key

Which performer inspires you? Let us know in the comments!

Which dress do you like better?

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