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A Quick Guide to Makeup for Pageant Photographs

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Fabulous makeup for a headshot!

As a titleholder you will be subject to tons of photos to show case who you are. You will be used as promotion for the system, family photos, and head shots  In some cases you will be forced to take matters into your own hands and do your own makeup. Depending on the type of photograph your focus will be on different things. Here is a quick cheat sheet for picture perfect makeup!

Black and White Photography

The key to looking like a queen in black and white photos is defining your features. You will need precise application of eye and lip liner to show off your best features. You will want to avoid shimmery shades on the eyes and for the love of all things glittery, don’t use bronzer! While the gift of contouring is an amazing thing the bronzer just looks dirty in these photos. A key thing to remember is less is more. Smooth out your skin and conceal any imperfections. Be sure to use a brightening concealer under the eyes and blend perfectly. Don’t go overboard with color or foundation though, as you’re not going to see it in the end results. The makeup for black and white photos is heavily dependent on the lighting, the brighter or harsher the light, the more coverage you will need.

Color Photography

In these photos it is all about finding your perfect match. Foundation needs to blend flawlessly into skin to avoid a pancake line. Never use translucent powder, it will look like a mask, opt for warm shades. Don’t overdo powder!  In close up photography it is imperative to follow this tip, powder will draw attention to any peach hair you may have! Skin needs to have an even but flawless texture. Don’t shy away from color but don’t overdo it either, find the perfect balance that flatters you.

Makeup for photography is a tricky thing but it doesn’t have to be! A titleholder has so many pictures from her year, make them look as beautiful as can be.

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