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Best Pageant Hair Hack: Touch Up Your Hair in Seconds

Our friends at Glider Brush sent Renata and I – well more Renata – their “Glider Brush” to play with, and play she did. We had heard a LOT about the brush from pageant girls who have found out about it, and when we first looked at it on Amazon, it had over 25,000 5-star reviews. (Click to Try the Glider Brush Risk Free)

She was excited!

What we liked about it…

Renata loved how the brush heated up in seconds. I mean, this thing goes from being cold to 450 degrees in seconds. IN SECONDS! The second thing that she loved is that traditionally when using a flat iron, you first have to brush your hair out and then wait for the flat iron to heat up before straightening your hair.

While your hair needs to be dry when using the Glider Brush, you can kill two birds with one stone by using the brush to both straighten and brush your hair in one movement. This saves you more time when you’re frantically getting ready for rehearsals.

The other thing that she loved was that it made her hair less frizzy while giving it more shine. We asked our friends how the brush could create the effect, and they said that it had an “Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Coated Plate” on it. Neither of us knows what that actually means, but the Glider Brush has it and, because of it, your hair looks more shinny and less frizzy.

What I personally liked about it…

As a guy, there were two things that I really liked about the brush.

  1. Automatic shutoff. When you’re late for rehearsals and you’re running out the door, it’s VERY easy to forget to turn things like this off and you don’t want your mom, dad or husband getting burned when they are trying to clean up the damage from your “tornado.”
  2. 360-degree swivel cord. This is a lifesaver when you’re at your pageant in a small hotel room with half of Neiman Marcus sitting on an undersized, makeshift vanity. The last thing you need is to get your cord tangled and then knock your $50 MAC face powder onto the floor.

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Things to be aware of…

Though there is no suggested heat based on your hair type, what Renata found after playing with it a few times is that her ideal setting was the same temperature that she uses on her flat iron.

Lastly, don’t make the mistake that Renata did before shooting the video of her testing it. Out of habit, she brushed her hair out with a normal brush in order to get some of the knots out of the way before using the Glider Brush. You actually don’t have to do that. With a traditional flat iron you need to brush your hair, but not with the Glider Brush.

Epic Before and After Photos

Renata’s hair isn’t naturally curly, but like every woman, her hair gets frizzy and tangled after the shower. This is what her hair looks like after she blow dries it after getting out of the shower.

pageant hair,before
Before using the Glider Brush.

After about two minutes of using the Glider Brush this is what her hair looked like. The more naturally curly your hair is, the more dramatic your results are going to be, but Renata and I were TOTALLY impressed with how quickly the Glider Brush removed all the frizz from her hair.

After using the Glider Brush.

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