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Boy Pageant in New Orleans to Promote Jewish Culture

The United States has a long history of female beauty pageants. We have produced tons of amazing women to put their mark in the world through different advocacies, and so have men. Tulane University in New Orleans has put together an interesting and fun event of choosing the finest and most talented male role model to represent the Jewish community.

The 2017 contestants of the Nice Jewish Boy Pageant on Sunday. Photo: Tulane Hillel
The 2017 contestants of the Nice Jewish Boy Pageant on Sunday. Photo: Tulane Hillel

Tulane Hullabaloo, the university’s official publication, has announced the Nice Jewish Boy Pageant to be held on Sunday, March 19th at 8:00 p.m. at Tulane Hillel in New Orleans. On its second annual competition, 16 gentlemen will vie for the golden yarmulke, their own version of the crown, which represents the Jewish religion. The boys will contend in the areas of formal wear, interview and talent, much like any traditional beauty pageant.

The gentlemen will showcase their charm to the audience as they strut in formal business wear suits. In the interview, they will have to impress the judges by being well-versed in the Jewish culture and geography. The talent portion will be an opportunity for the contestants to display their abilities and talents, hidden or public, to the whole Tulane community.

Tulane University is a private, non-sectarian school in New Orleans and is one of the top universities in terms of higher education in Louisiana. It has earned the nickname “Jewlane” because of a considerable high population of Jewish undergraduate students. They have an active Jewish community on campus that promotes the rich culture of Jewish life. According to one of the contestants, Daniel Goldstein, the pageant is a humorous event that explores the stereotype of Jewish boys.

The Nice Jewish Boy Pageant celebrates the Jewish religion, but as a multicultural school, the university encourages the participation and support of the whole Tulane community. The competition aims to strengthen the bonds of the Jewish community and promote its culture to everyone interested. “It is a fun way for people to get together, and it’s fun to bring everyone in together and just have everyone get involved…” Goldstein said in his interview with Hullabaloo on Thursday.

Pageantry is a man’s world, too. Local beauty competitions such as Nice Jewish Boy promote the relevance of the spectacular world of male beauty contests. Some notable male pageant titleholders are Chris Saltalamacchio and Diego Garcy. (Read: Top 10 Pageant Coaches of 2016)

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