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Can You Sing Acapella for a Pageant Talent?

Singing acapella to perform your pageant talent is a wonderful way to show the judges how you can wow them with nothing other than just your voice. With a couple of crisp notes, and a dash of belting, singing acapella could be your key to success.

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The Reason Why You Should Sing Acapella:

Singing acapella gives you the chance to showcase your voice and only your voice, all on it’s own with no background music to support it. The positive to this, is the judges can see how well you stay in key, how well you handle on your own, and obviously how well you can sing.

The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sing Acapella:

I recommend to always singing with background music. Most pageants don’t allow for you to have background vocals, but at least having the music playing so you can stay on beat, and in key, will help you in the long run. Being a singer, even if  you’ve sang for a very long time, sometimes people still get off key just a tad. But if you have music to back you up, and keep you focused, you will never miss a note.

Another pro to having music along while you sing is you will know when to stop.  Having music to keep you on beat, you will know exactly where to stop without feeling like you have ran over on time. You will also be able to know when to get louder/softer without having to really “remember” because your music will start to build up and it will just come to you.

Acapella is not a “bad” way to sing. If  you are familiar in the area, stick with it. But if you are a beginner and are looking to change your talent quickly, stick to your original plan of singing with music, then gradually lean more towards acapella.

BE FAIR WARNED, it isn’t easy girls. Singing acapella takes lots of practice, even more than you were probably putting into before. But practicing it is the fun part, because you are learning how to hit certain notes without even hearing them at first.

The Final Say

So with all this being said, of course you can sing acapella for a pageant talent. I have competed in  a couple pageants where girls have sang acapella for their talent, and also times where they have HAD to sing acapella due to malfunctions with their talent music.

But singing acapella is a way to showcase your voice all on it’s own, and show the judges you need no backup because YOU are power within the talent. Whether with or without music, your talent is yours. So make it your own and practice it until you know  you have it down perfect. If you are comfortable and confident in what you want to perform, then the judges will see how confident you are in your talent and THEY will feel confident in YOU to be their next title holder.

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