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    Miss Earth United States switched directors in 2015 so when I was thinking about competing in 2016 I was very nervous. It was now considered a "new pageant". However, I'm so glad that I jumped all in because the national directors, state directors, Production Crew, and every girl crowned is absolutely amazing! Speaking of crowns, the MEUS crowns are insanely unique (I.e. My state crown is like a full five inches tall (I'm a teen) and covered in AB crystals and the national crown is somehow even bigger!). Since last year MEUS has definitely doubled in size, the amount of amazing sponsorships have gone up and brought in making your pageant experience very worth it. Now to talk about competing; it's almost as if they married Teen USA, IJM, and bright in an environmental twist. So they are vey fashion forward with modern views, and allow you to choose whatever platform you would like. (I chose two, a personal cause and an environmental cause). Overall, you really can't go wrong with choosing MEUS. You'll meet some of your best friends for life, and be apart of this amazing sisterhood for a lifetime!