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    Miss International is unlike any system in the world. This platform based pageant enables young women to change the world through their year of service. The crown is beautiful - undoubtably, but most wonderful things about this organization are the young women who represent it. There is no cookie-cutter Miss International - we're all different. All crowned representatives are dedicated to their platform and ready to make a difference but our passions vary from one to the next. It's a wonderful place to compete because they are looking for someone who is the total package with stage presence and glamour who can also engage an audience through her interpersonal communication skills.

    When I competed, I was focused on becoming my personal best and representing my brand. My wardrobe reflected who I am as a person and through the interview portions... I was able to go into detail about what I could bring to the job of Miss International. I loved being able to wear my velvet Sherri Hill from The Competitive Image because it was the epitome of my heart. At International pageants, diversity is celebrated as they showcase the accomplishments of young women! Every competitor was different and beautiful in her own way. When the final pageant began, I was just happy to be part of such an world-class organization! I was shocked when my name was chosen as a representative amongst a group of winners and I was named Miss International 2016.

    My time as Miss International 2016 has been the most remarkable experience. I've been privileged to travel the country and world representing my organization - True Beauty Movement, the National Eating Disorders Association, and Go Red for Women! From the heat of Africa, to the North Dakota Snow, and even New York Fashion Week... my crown has enabled me to impact others through service and transparently sharing my story. As the Miss International, I have been spoiled by our fabulous sponsors - Competitive Image, Sherri Hill, Susan Botek, Clay Spann Cosmetics and Photography, Thomas Dunn Studios, Stefanie Somers, and Suzy Bootz. It truly feels like a family at International Pageants and everyone is equipped and excited to help me on my journey to redefine beauty worldwide.

    I've been in the industry for 15 years and representing this organization as Miss International 2016 will always be the most treasured job. This organization is about beauty with a purpose and changing the world through our crowned representatives. I'm so honored, humbled, and privileged to hold this job.

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    The Mrs., Miss, and Teen International Pageants are run with the upmost professionalism. As a former contestant and current titleholder I have had plenty of experience with the pageant system and staff, and they are great. The staff is always quick to respond and ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. The system attracts a great group of women who are passionate about community service and their platforms. Through the International Pageants I have been able to meet lifelong friends and have had countless once in a lifetime opportunities such as working hand in hand with the American Heart Association and traveling to countless places I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go to. Take it from someone who has been able to grow through this system, it is definitely worth becoming involved in!

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    First of all, I have to mention.. Not all pageants are one, and the same. I've been in other Mrs. pageants... So with that said, I have to brag on this pageant system, (The International Pageants System.)

    The greatest thing about Pageantry (in my opinion) is the platform it provides. It opens doors that might otherwise, not have been opened. It broadens your borders, it elevates you to better promote your cause. And the International Pageant System is a STRONG platform based pageant!

    I also love how the International Pageant System celebrates and promotes inner beauty, not just outer beauty.

    They're more interested in what’s inside, which is what really counts!

    Because we have plenty of “pretty” woman but we need more beautiful woman. You see, our external “beauty” isn't what makes us beautiful.

    It's our heart that makes us beautiful.

    This system stands for something! It is ethical, completely unbiased, it is just, and most importantly- It is God fearing! So even though the contestants may, or may not be, a religious person..It's comforting to know that the owners and their staff have convictions that keep them from biases.

    Another thing I admire, is the fact that the International Pageant System is a very conservative pageant. There are no swimsuit, instead we have fitness attire, that's phenomenal!

    Not to mention that all three of the International queens won AT LARGE!!

    YES, Mrs. International (me), Miss International, AND Miss Teen International, were all at large contestants!

    Now, if you're not in the "pageant know"
    "At large" means- There wasn't a competition held to win their state/region or country title that they represented/competed as- at the International competition... In my case, Mrs. Wyoming.

    The fact that all three of us were "At-large" contestants… That is unheard of.

    That never happens!

    Plus, I was Mrs Wyoming, Wy-o-ming!! The underdog state, of underdog states! There are more cows than there are people in Wyoming, seriously! It is the lowest populated state in the US. Wyoming NEVER wins!

    And I won.

    So I can without-any-doubt say, this is an unbiased, completely ethical, absolutely NOT fixed, system!!

    All of us have been through something, lost someone, fought a battle, have gone through storms, or are currently going through the storm…

    However, had we not experienced those painful moments, those heart-wrenching but defining moments in our lives...None of us would be the woman we are today!

    You see, everyone of us has a choice, YOU have a choice!

    We can choose to allow things to either control us, destroy us, or EMPOWER us.

    Everyone of us has a calling, a purpose, a passion, what’s yours?