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Do Green Pageant Dresses Hurt Your Chances of Winning?

What’s in a dress color? Selecting the right color gown can literally make or break you in a beauty pageant. There are some evening gown colors that are widely popular, like white, and there are some colors that are barely worn, like green. (Read: How to Win in a White Gown)

So, do green pageant dresses hurt your chances of winning? The simple answer, of course not! We’re here to tell you exactly why they don’t!

Miss Bb Philipinas 2017 Evening Gown Contestant 9
Miss Bb. Pilipinas 2017 contestant. Photo: Binibining Pilipinas Pageant.

Choosing the right evening gown color is essential to creating a winning wardrobe for your next pageant competition. There are always several factors to consider when choosing the right color dress.

Consider the shade of the color, as lighter or darker colors can cause different perceptions on stage. Also, be mindful of the silhouette of the dress as well as the fit. These two things are important in any phase of the competition. (Read: What is the Best Evening Gown Fabric for Your Body Type?)

Why green is uncommon

Green is often to be considered the color of good luck. Still, green is not a popular color when it comes to evening gown selections among contestants. There is often no one in an entire pageant competition wearing the color green in the evening gown competition.

Gown designers and manufacturers produce so many gowns per season, which is every half-year, and so many in a particular color. The number one color produced, if you couldn’t guess it, is white.

Formal gowns are produced in white so often, that it is easier to find a white gown than any other color. Green gowns are far less and few in between, making it more difficult to find the green gown of your dreams.

How to stand out

Wearing a green gown will definitely help you stand out on stage. Green is a color favorited by redheads because the color looks stunning on them no matter the shade.

Choosing to stand out with a bold color such as green during your evening wear competition is sure to get you noticed by judges. Also, choosing a bold evening gown dress shows the judges that you are confident in yourself. (Read: 7 Ways To Get Winning Pageant Confidence)

The overall look

When it comes to evening gown competition, judges are looking at the complete package and not just the color of the gown. Green has to be styled perfectly, just like any other color dress.

When judging evening gown, you are judging her overall look,” said Debbie Brown of Brides and Beauties said. “You’re not judging whether you like the dress.”

Keep in mind that hair styling, accessories and shoes are really what makes an evening gown a hit or a miss more than just the color itself.

If you LOVE it, WEAR it

You will hear a lot of advice on what to wear for evening gown, and what NOT to wear. The best advice in regards to choosing the right evening gown is that if you love your dress, then wear it!

Loving your look will come across loud and clear to the judges and make you a joy to watch on stage. A green dress won’t hurt your chances of winning just by the color alone. Your stage presence is everything!

Stage presence is one of the biggest factors when competing in evening gown. Make sure that you look right at home on stage and not forced or uncomfortable.

Fickle-minded judges

If you have competed in pageants before, then you have most likely heard the phrase, “Different night, different judges, different winner.” There is no secret formula to choosing a guaranteed winning dress every time.

While a green dress generally won’t hurt your chances of winning, you never know what that particular group of judges is looking for on that particular night. Also, the judges may not always agree.

One judge may absolutely love your bold green gown, while another judge could absolutely hate it. You can never please everybody, so make sure that you always please one person: yourself!

Moving Forward

Choosing the right evening gown is hard, but it doesn’t have to be! A green gown is a bold choice, but it won’t ruin your chances of winning.

Check out some of our other articles about choosing the right color gown for you. Choose a dress you love, and you will be sure to choose a winner every time! (Read: What Your Evening Gown Color Says About You)

Which dress do you like better?

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