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Does it Help or Hurt You if Your Judge is an Expert in Your Field of Talent?

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Miss Florida competing in Miss America

“Our first judge this evening is an American Idol Winner, renowned Country Star and winner of numerous Music Awards.” OH, OF COURSE. The death sentence for me because I AM A SINGER. This is what many of us think when someone who is an expert in the field of talent that you are performing. But does it hurt to have a judge who is an expert in your field? Or does it help you? Here are the truths behind your worries.

A pretty typical judging panel


1. The judge will be super critical and judge you to a T because they are just flat out mean.

Truth behind it: The judge may be critical to you, but it’s because they expect the best out of you from what they have seen and what they have been through themselves. I promise the judge isn’t being critical to you just because you are you.


2. The judge will take pity because they know what it’s like to be in my shoes.

Truth behind it: Being as I have been a judge before and somewhat thought that, sometimes it is true. The judge may know the exact same stress you are feeling and be sympathetic. But don’t count on that all the time.


3. If you mess up they will definitely be able to tell.

Truth behind it: You may mess up, but the judge may never know if you play it off. You fell in the middle of your dance? Play it off like you were supposed to. Crack on a high note? Just move forward. Chances are the judge has been in the same position and will score you higher if you just move past the problem and finish strong.


4. They will compare you to themselves.

Truth behind it: Ok you’re kidding right? If they are an EXPERT, they don’t expect you to be one also. Chances are they are pretty confident in their talent themselves and they won’t expect you to be anywhere near as good as them. If you show you have confidence in your talent, and perform it to your best ability, they shouldn’t even have a chance to think about themselves while watching you.


5. They will expect me to be perfect.

Truth behind it: Nobody is perfect, not even the experts. Things happens, and sometimes you have hiccups during your talent. If the judge is such an expert, they already know from experience that things can happen to set someone back in their talent and keep them from being perfect.

Perfection within performing isn’t about hitting every note, having every dance step on count or having your instrument turned to par; perfection within performing is knowing that sometimes you will be tested, and knowing how to handle each situation.



Every judges is different, just like every contestant. So you might get a judge who is just flat out mean, who will compare you to themselves and who will expect you to be perfect, but you have to stay strong with it. Every time you step on the stage you are putting yourself up for a test. How you handle the situations put in front of you is how it shows how you pass the test or not.

So will the expert being your judge hurt you? Maybe. Will is help you? Maybe. Will it change you? No. Being a competitor you want the judges to fall in love with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to change yourself into a perfect “x + y = crown” formula. Believe in yourself and show the judge who the real expert is.

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