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New CW Drama Series Features Real Life Pageant Coach

Now here is another show to watch out for as CW channel pilots their new drama “Insatiable,” which depicts the life of one of pageantry’s top coaches. In fact, this famous coach is featured in our very own, Pageant Planet’s Top 10 list of Coaches from last year. (Read: Top 10 Pageant Coaches Of 2016)

Debby Ryan to Star in CWs Insatiable. Photo: Hollywood Reporter
Debby Ryan to Star in CWs Insatiable. Photo: Hollywood Reporter

CW’s New Series

The plot of the new show revolves around a shunned and frustrated civil lawyer, Bob, who intentionally becomes a beauty pageant coach for a bullied teenage client, Patty. His new found profession takes him to places and situations he has no idea of. The experience, as it is based on a real-life story, will make him realize that coaching pretty girls to win beauty pageants is his life’s calling.

The lead character is played by The Good Wife actor, Dallas Roberts. Bob is a handsome lawyer working under his father’s firm. He is consistently intimidated by both his dad and his wife. As a father of two teenage kids, Bob relates to the experience of his recent client as she underwent bullying and is determined to seek revenge.

Patty is Bob’s client and is played by Disney Channel’s Debby Ryan. A beauty in her teens after losing 70 pounds from breaking her jaw, Patty is gritty to seek revenge from all the bullying she took as a former overweight girl. She is raised by a beautiful mother turned alcoholic named Angie. As an almost pageant titleholder (Miss Georgia), Angie wants to help her daughter as she enters the pageant world.

The Pageant Coach

Insatiable is based on the story of real-life pageant coach, Bill Alverson. He is a Southern civil attorney turned pageant coach and is amazingly successful in both fields. Branded as “The Pageant King of Alabama,” he has earned himself numerous success stories, starting in the South and across the whole country. He is capable of training first-time contestants and titleholders and coaches them in all divisions.

Bill Alverson in one of his one-on-one coaching sessions. Photo: New York Times
Bill Alverson in one of his one-on-one coaching sessions. Photo: New York Times

In an interview with New York Times, Alverson shares his advice to aspiring beauty queens and often comes off strong to both the contestants and their mothers. However, his words come out of his sincerity for each of them to win the competition. According to his clients, there is nothing more worthy than paying $125 an hour to be trained by one of America’s most successful pageant coaches and be one step closer to your goal of wearing a crown.

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