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Dream Girls Offers Discounted Entry to Face of the Globe Contestants

Dream Girls USA Titleholders - Photo Courtesy of Dream Girls USA / REal Girls USA Pageants.
Dream Girls USA Titleholders – Photo Courtesy of Dream Girls USA / Real Girls USA Pageants.

Often a great reward comes with great risk, and in pageantry, this is no different.

We put our all on the stage and a large chunk of cash for a chance to promote our platforms, advocate for a cause, and represent our title to the best of our abilities.

Sometimes, things out of our control may prevent us from doing so and may also alter our perceptions of pageants in the long run.

But, as any pageant girl will tell you, there are more sparkling rhinestones in the bunch than dull ones, and a true pageant girl is always willing to help out another pageant girl in need.

That’s why Dream Girls director, Jen Schaefer, has decided to offer a discounted rate for entry into her pageant if you were registered to compete at Face of the Globe this year.

Dream Girls Entry

Normally, the cost to compete at Dream Girls International if a preliminary is unavailable to you is $600.

If you compete at UK or Australia Dream Girls Preliminaries, you will be allowed to enter for $400.

Face of the Globe Contestants

However, if you were registered for Face of the Globe, which was recently canceled, then Schaefer will allow you the chance to compete at Dream Girls International for just $150.

Here is the link that will take you to our payment page.

“Choose TAX TIME SPECIAL NEW CONTESTANTS AGES 4+. It will say $600. If [you] continue through the payment process, [you] will get to where it asks for a coupon code. That coupon code is PPFOTG. It will bring [the] price down to $150,” explained Schaefer.

“The only way [you] can get that amount is by using the coupon code,” she added.

Schaefer will also be holding a drawing for one free entry into the pageant.

Special for Face of the Globe Australia/International Titleholders

Wanting to help the Fact of the Globe contestants in a bind, Dream Girls Australia Director, Nicole Smith, made the following available to girls who were going to London for Face of the Globe:

“If you are able to change your flights, I would like to offer you the following:

  1.  A title with Dream girls Australia
  2. Crown and sash
  3. Royalty rights and handing over of your title at Dream Girls Australian Pageants first national pageant (dates to be confirmed but at this stage are December this year in Sydney)
  4. “Free” basic entry into Dream Girls USA pageants international final in June in Minnesota, USA. There are several levels of packages and you would still have to pay extra to enter the supreme package. It is only the basic entry we would pay for.
  5. If possible, I would advertise you in as much media as possible.

You would still be responsible for your own airfares, I’m hoping you can change them, and accommodation,” Smith announced on social media. (Read: 5 Ways to Travel to Nationals)

Bonus The Pageant Planet VIP Membership

Also, if you were registered for Face of the Globe and decide to compete at Dream Girls International, you will be given a FREE 30-day VIP Membership to The Pageant Planet to help you prepare. (Read: Do You Really NEED a Pageant Coach?)

Going Forward

“Why are we doing this?” Smith said. “Pageantry has taken a few hits in the last few years and Jen and I feel we need to show that there are many, many, many reliable pageants. Please don’t let one rotten egg ruin your love of pageantry. Remember, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”

So, if the sting of disappointment has finally settled and you want to put your game face on and step into another pageant, Dream Girls is ready to help you get back in the game.

Visit Dream Girls International for more information and to sign up.

Good luck, ladies!

Which dress do you like better?

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