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Famous Pageant Coach Jonas Gaffud Publishes a Book

Jonas Gaffud, the pageant coach from the Philippines known as the “queen-maker,” has published a book as a guide to pageantry for beginners and experts. (Read: 10 Beginner Mistakes Every Pageant Girl Makes)

About the book

The book, “The Crown: Your Essential Guide to Becoming a Beauty Queen” was written by Gaffud and his team of successful clients and professionals. The book is said to not only include tips and tricks for pageantry but also engaging anecdotes that will inspire and engage anyone interested in pageantry.

Photo: The Crown
Photo: The Crown

The book details the journey of “Aces and Queens,” Gaffud’s team and how it became the leading pageant boot camp for aspiring queens. It also includes biographies of some of the leading queens from the Philippines such as Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015; Megan Young, Miss World 2013; and Kylie Versoza, Miss International 2016. As if all this content was not enough, the book also includes tips on hair, makeup and more. (Read: How Pageantry Can Help You Develop as a Woman)

Gaffud attended a luxurious event in Manila with former pageant queens who have been coached by the famous “Mama J” as Gaffud is lovingly called. During the night, Aces and Queens talked about balancing hectic schedules with trying to finish this book by the deadline. Gaffud called this book his culmination to his lifelong journey in pageantry.

About the author

Gaffud has talked about his fascination with women – especially strong, independent women – since he was a child. He jokingly said that he wishes he could have been one of the queens but that was not in the cards for him. Instead, he said, “If you cannot be the queen, be the queen-maker.” That is exactly what he has become in the Philippines. (Read: Do You Really NEED a Pageant Coach?)

The famed coach has spent 16 years in the pageant industry and has coached 30 girls to success in the Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International pageant systems. His experience makes this book a good read for anyone in the pageant industry!

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  1. Where can you buy this book? I’ve looked everywhere.

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