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Former Miss Hawaii Convicted of Fraud

Former Miss Hawaii International, Susan Shaw, has been found guilty of computer and credit card fraud again. (Read: Russian Pageant Contestants Arrested for Human Trafficking)

Her charges

Shaw was on parole when she allegedly committed her most recent credit card fraud while working as a waitress in downtown Honolulu. She tergiversated her customer’s bills in order to increase her tips. (Read: Former Venezuelan Titleholders Accuse Each Other of Corruption)

Susan Shaw Photo: Facebook
Susan Shaw. Photo: Facebook

Shaw reportedly stole from at least 105 customers in a lapse of four months, which amounted to about 700 dollars.

Shaw had previously been convicted of credit card theft back in 2011. She intercepted her victims’ mail and filled out change of address forms successfully. Shaw’s victims were 23 individuals and seven credit card issuers, which resulted in about $200,000 in losses. This is considered one of the biggest identity thefts of that year.

According to investigations, Shaw spent money on trips, designer bags and other merchandise.

Shaw’s history

Honolulu Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter prosecuted both cases. Van Marter told the jury that Shaw needs to be incarcerated for the public’s protection. (Read: Man Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Money to Fund Pageant)

“Shaw needs to be held accountable for the slightest of thefts, otherwise she’ll keep doing it,” Van Marter said. “This was not a large case in terms of dollar loss, but it’s a defendant who has a history of financial crimes and taking advantage of people.”

Shaw’s defense

On the contrary, Shaw’s attorney, Thomas Otake, claims that this was all part of a human error. Otake said penmanship was the problem, arguing that there were 3,000 transactions and only 105 had issues.

Shaw is currently in jail for violating parole and waiting for her sentencing in June.

Unfortunately, Shaw will have to face the consequences of her actions.

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