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Former Miss Jamaica Universe 1996 Dies From Breast Cancer

Every pageant system is different, but I like to believe that every girl that has ever competed in a pageant knows the love and bond of the pageant sisterhood – a special bond that only pageant girls will understand. I don’t even want to imagine how hard it is to hear your former pageant sister passes away from breast cancer. (Read: Why Sisterhood Is Important In Pageantry And How To Create It)

About Trudi Ferguson

Trudi Ferguson was crowned Miss Jamaica Universe in 1996. She was the 28th Miss Jamaica Universe. After battling breast cancer, Ferguson died last Friday. On Saturday, the Miss Jamaica Universe announced the tragic news on its Facebook page.

“Although we are extremely excited to have sent the Miss Universe Jamaica to Las Vegas, in the same breath we are extremely saddened by the passing of Miss Jamaica Universe 1996 Trudi Ferguson. Our heart and prayers go out to her friends and family.”

Over 145 people shared Miss Jamaica Universe’s Facebook announcement and a lot of people commented their condolences and how sad they felt about her passing. One woman commented, ”She’s our guardian Angel of the pageant.” Trudi Ferguson will truly be missed. (Read:  How To Compete In A Pageant Following A Tragedy)

Trudi Ferguson
Trudi Ferguson, Miss Jamaica Universe 1996. Photo: Facebook

Breast Cancer in Jamaica

Breast cancer is the most common cancer found in women and it’s sad how many women die each year from breast cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cancer in Jamaican women. In Jamaica, there is a lifetime risk that one in 21 women will develop breast cancer in her life. The Jamaica Cancer Society is encouraging women to do monthly breast self-examinations and get annual screening as early detection has saved many lives. (Read: 5 Tips To Perfecting Your Pageant Platform For Interview)

Trudi Ferguson
Trudi Ferguson, Miss Jamaica Universe 1996. Photo: Facebook

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